Captan "Alien Presence" Invisible To The Human Eye

Captan "Alien Presence" Invisible To The Human Eye

Captan "alien presence" invisible to the human eye. A strange "flying object", invisible to the human eye, was caught on camera by a Uruguayan who drove by car on Route 5 and had stopped to photograph a mill. The appearance has continued to disturb him since. Gabriel Caorsi, married with three children, Rivera returned placidly driving Route 5 when he decided to stop the march up to the Spot Peralta, Tacuaremb√≥. A park of windmills had caught his attention, like that of his wife and their three children.

They got out of the car and started shooting with three cell and two digital cameras. Within minutes, Caorsi, industrial 47 living in a rural area near Progreso, found a surprise reviewing your BlackBerry. In one of the images appeared, against one of the mills, a strange figure thready and sharp, floating in the air much closer to the ground than the blades.

"The first thing I thought was that it was a flying seed, because a few years ago I read a book about it. But we got my son to find a seed and found nothing, very clean way. Next morning `googlie office voladoras` seeds, but I did not show anything resembling it what was in the picture," said the industrial to El País.

Captan "Alien Presence" Invisible To The Human Eye
Photo: Gabriel Caorsi-Unidentified Flying Objects

Caorsi kept his phone, but the strange image was burned into her head. "I showed him the picture after someone who works with me and is always with topics such as the` alien ancestrales`. He looked at the photos and when he reached that surprised and told me it was a `rot`, with` t `. In fact, his colleague was referring to the "rods", described by some followers of cryptozoology (the study of hidden animals) and extraterrestrial phenomena as "little creatures that are detected in the form of moving objects on a landscape especially in video recordings or photographs. "

"What googlie but found nothing by` rot`. When I saw the seeker gave me a choice of `rod`, I went to see what it was. There I saw the two theories out there, the aliens that are or animals. But before I did not understand what he was talking about, "said Caorsi.

"I am skeptical to all, I do not believe in religion, I do not believe in anything, just believe in everything I see. And this changes me because I did not see but I know that the machine saw him," the circumstantial photographer of this strange phenomenon. Caorsi even contacted the Commission and Research Receiving Complaints Unidentified Flying Objects (CRIDOVNI) Air Force, where he was told that his phone has probably captured "a bug".

The presence of the "rods" (Flying entities, rod or bar) has been captured in several countries for photographers and videographers, and has motivated several tests to try to explain the phenomenon. One of the best known test was conducted in the fall of 2005 by researchers at a facility in Jilin, China, who tended a net to catch small rods assumptions that were seen in their security footage.

According to that study, the rods were not really be more than moths and other flying insects. The fact that they are captured in this way may be because the video cameras and photos taken approximately 30 frames per second, which produces a distortion or duplication of "flying object" that intersects with the normal lens. Usually, it is an insect flapping, and the camera recorded in one take flight sequence.
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