Review Decision 3

Review Decision 3

Decision III
Prepare all your best weapon, why the zombies back to attack in Decision 3 (D3). Yup, developers Fly Anvil released its latest sequel of the series Decision. In the title this time, you still have a role as a solitary soldier, who is still trying to seize back the cities of man, from the hands of these undead creatures. As previously Decision series, D3 you can still play for free through a web browser.

There are a number of improvements offered Fly Anvil in this series. For example, more and more elements of the new strategy, which adds a complex game. Until the other details that challenge you to move faster than zombies. More and more new obstacles, does not mean you can not help, you know. D3 introduces new features, and a variety of weapons that are ready to support your action against the zombies.

The more crowded, the stronger

As mentioned above, D3 presents a new system called the team. The system itself has not been found in the Decision or Decision 2. There are 5 types of team that can you find throughout the game, namely: Builder, Captain, Soldier, Citizen, Ranger, and Engineer. All five have different roles to assist you in the game. They are also often hide in various locations in the map, so it should look carefully.

For example, to build a new facility, you need a builder. Or to increase the level of the factory, you need Builder and Engineer. As for strengthening the fort (Outpost), you can order the soldier or captain to. Team members who are unemployed, or do not have any duty, will be found in the Reservation Camp. They can be called at any time, to perform a new task.

Team is a new feature that is increasingly challenging while helping gamers. But unfortunately the existence of these teams can sometimes slow you to upgrade anything. For example, you have enough material to make a new factory, but it can not be undone by the absence of the builder. To find a builder, you need to explore new areas, or re-runs to areas previously. Somewhat cumbersome and time consuming, especially you do not necessarily find a builder in each exploration.

Zombie increasingly challenging

At the beginning of the game, maybe you are able to defeat the zombies in one shot. Well, the amount they have not teralu a lot, and can be defeated quickly. Sound easy? Well, just wait until you are faced with the danger level (Danger) in the area is increasing. The more dangerous the area, then the color will be red. Conversely, if the area is secure, the color will tend to yellow or green (if you've fully mastered) .If already red area, there is the possibility of zombies could reclaim the area. You can hang back, but be prepared to be greeted by dozens of dangerous zombies in it.\

Decision III Reviews

In addition, boss zombies also come back in D3. The boss is characterized by a larger size, and has the special movement. Boss certainly arise in the area of ​​which color is reddish, with a hazard rate above 50%. This could lead to new problems, you know. Especially if you want to upgrade the facilities in the area of ​​which color is reddish. Do not be surprised if it was greeted with two bosses at once, in a mission to protect the generator. Well, not so advisable anyway to upgrade facilities in the area of ​​high level teralu danger. Better down first (with a mission of Direct Action), then you start the upgrade.

Too difficult?
D3 can be regarded as a shooter, and the other half is a strategy game. Even RPG elements can also be found in this game, especially in the skills and weapons systems. Combine the three elements, the D3 will be a complex game browser, and it took a long time to finish it. Unfortunately this might be a little bit difficult for casual players, especially if it had never tried the series Decision.

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