A Crown to Apple Watch

A Crown to Apple Watch

A Crown to Apple Watch
We will not know probably not much of iOS 9 before the opening keynote at WWDC in June. However, as every year, the designers of all stripes have fun to imagine, optimize and suggest improvements. In the following video, that is the locked screen that one attack. Instead of making a simple notification billboard, here it is useful and practical.

Video demo:
On the new screen, the designer imagines three types of elements: classic notifications, missed calls and reminders. Pressing the icons representatives all three types, the user will see on the upper part of the screen, the associated elements together, if appropriate under the app icon. The notifications are no longer mixed and are available very easily. It is also possible to interact with them in the way of what already exists in iOS 8. I let you discover all this video:

The other concept of business is the iPhone 7 as some imagine roulette with Apple Watch. If new button on the side of the machine makes disappear the venerable man button. The Touch ID is also integrated in the wheel. I am not a fan, are you?

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