Artistic Creation of "Masnaa" Continues in Casablanca

Artistic Creation of "Masnaa" Continues in Casablanca

Artistic Creation of "Masnaa" Continues in Casablanca
Contemporary art. This international event of contemporary art inspired by old warehouses and stores Legal Frères & Co. The event "Masnaa" animates Casablanca until April 25, 2015 with exhibitions, workshops, performances and installations. The third edition of this international event as inspiration the old warehouses and shops Legal Frères & Co. 

This place abandoned and denied access has become through twenty artists a platform for creation and a projection space. "Masnaa" focuses on contemporary art. This event is the result of a collaboration between three artistic structures, literature school, the Source of the Lion and Darja space.

Under the artistic direction of David Ruffel, residencies, workshops, meetings and performances invite writers, artists and the public to invest, draw, dream and write a new page in the history of an old processing plant Wood founded in 1921, revealing architectural and industrial practices specific to an iconic period in the history of Morocco. Thus, Hassan Darsi present in his artistic activity "Square from below" exposed to the Source of the Lion Workshop, a project to build a model of the Legal Frères & Co. building. 

Using the model projects such as citizen awareness of triggers, Hassan Darsi examines the fate of Legal Brothers and Co. In reconstructing the scale model in 1 / 50th, it opens the doors as possible: new story, new shape and new questions. La Source du Lion also hosts a photographic exhibition by J Game, specially created for "Masnaa". The performance "Slide Show" presents a slideshow which textually sound poetry gives to see the images published in the press.

At Darja space "Makan Project" takes the form of a sound installation using a digital control IC made public for interactive broadcasting, to explore the sounds and noises around buildings Legal. This performance presents the work of sound artist and composer of electronic music Abdellah Hassak leads since January creative work on the sound material surrounding the Legal warehouses. 

At this sound work, plus a fiction written by Mohamed Elkhadiri. Still Space Darja, dancer and choreographer Meryem Jazuli present on April 23 its "Danced around." For a "trace" dance, choreographers attempt to capture and mark the perimeter surrounding the Legal manufactures. The program for this event, the public will also have meetings with lectures, readings, film screenings, concerts ... taking place around the plant Legal, in the spaces of Darja and La Source du Lion, the Uzine and the French Institute of Casablanca.
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