Chinese Businessmen Corruption

Chinese Businessmen Corruption

Chinese defendants were Minister of customers. Two Chinese businessmen caught in the web of corruption with the gold seen in the interrogation said they knew Miguel Macedo for years, having been clients of his law firm. According to i newspaper, which had access to the judgment of the Lisbon ratio in response to the request for review of the enforcement measures of one of the defendants, judges imply Miguel Macedo in the plot of corruption of gold visas, pointing it as "the only politician responsible "with" direct participation in the facts. "But the Minister of Internal Affairs, who resigned after the police operation that dismantled a network that operated at the highest level of state services, has never made defendant and was not even heard in the process, despite having announced its willingness to testify.

Chinese Businessmen Corruption
Photo Ricardo Grace / Lusa
The case of gold seen involved several nearby minister figures, as its partner in the law firm that was Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, Albertina Gonçalves. According to the edition of Saturday i newspaper, an interrogation in November to Zhu Zhu Xiaodong and Baoe, the two defendants admitted to have been customers of this office for several years "in matters correlated with restaurants and Chinese goods stores."

On the Minister to the network links of "seen gold", researchers of "Operation Labyrinth" are based on telephone tapping and matches between those involved in the fund-home buyers scheme in exchange visa. One of these meetings have been discussed the creation of a society in China and the business expansion to other Portuguese speaking countries. These listens to phone António Figueiredo, then president of the Institute of Registries and Notaries, also resulted in the conviction of researchers from the Miguel Macedo himself would be preparing a trip to China.

According to the judgment, Macedo is suspected of having committed a crime of malfeasance, finished "the minister ball" to encourage friends and former employees. Another involved is Jaime Gomes, managing partner of JMF consultant - Projects & Business, founded in 2009 with Miguel Macedo, Marques Mendes and Ana Luisa Figueiredo, António Figueiredo's daughter also accused in the process and owner of Golden View Europe company.
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