Confidence Motion Against Mathieu Gallet to Strike 16th Day

Confidence Motion Against Mathieu Gallet to Strike 16th Day

Radio France confidence motion against Mathieu Gallet to strike 16th day. The tension rose a notch Friday in the conflict to Radio France, with the vote of confidence motion against its CEO, Mathieu Gallet, more than ever under pressure, and the continuation of the strike until Tuesday after two weeks of conflict.

The conflict that journalists joined Friday was extended massively in a general staff meeting attended by between 300 and 400 employees, according to an AFP photographer on site. This is the longest strike for ten years at Radio France. It costs a million euros a week to public. The move was followed unevenly according to editors: a third of the journalists were on strike at France Inter and France Info, while they were 75% for France Culture and the local branches of France Bleu, according to the National Union of Journalists ( SNJ).

"Mathieu Gallet said Radio France might not spend the summer, he must leave immediately," said the text of the motion, supported by the unions. But the CEO for his share of excluded resign.

"Beyond his pathetic defense and its communication strategy, Mathieu Gallet persists in its defiance of social dialogue," the text of the motion.

The Inter, headwind against the owner of the public group, called for "a real project? S future, not the dismantling of public radio."

"We can not talk with the current team is discredited, there is no negotiation over the past three days," he told AFP an elected CFDT.

Weakened by revelations repeat Chained Duck involving expenses, Mathieu Gallet, said Thursday he would go "to the end", recalling that he may be removed by the CSA who named it there is a little over a year. The young officer of 38 years must present Wednesday at a special CEC strategic plan for rectifying the accounts of the round house, heavy loss.

In search of savings, the government asks him to reform Radio France without spending more, as it has done for other public sector actors. Mathieu Gallet should propose to reduce the wage bill via 200 to 300 voluntary redundancies amongst older people, to keep only one band instead of two, to eliminate the short and medium wave, you can open offices in new advertisers . Tracks that are expected to find 50 million euros in savings by 2019.

confidence motion against Mathieu Gallet to strike 16th day

- 'Dry Cash' -
It also requests the State emergency extension to pay the end of construction of the Radio House, beating down the company's finances. "Cash is dry, if nothing is done it will not pass the summer," he said Thursday on iTELE. Facing the company staff has, however, ruled out the possibility of a merger of newsrooms of France Inter, France Info and France Culture, proposed this week by the Court of Auditors. The leader also against-attacked Thursday on the issue of spending, both at the head of Radio France but also when he presided over the National Audiovisual Institute (INA), his previous position.

He believes the victim of an "organized cabal" and pay the price of a "kind of network administrative shadow politics."

After meeting Thursday with his minister, Fleur Pellerin, and the visit of a delegation of the Inter Matignon, the ball seems now in the camp of the government.

"L? State should quickly arbitrate on the project that I? Ve presented and show its support for Radio France and the transformation that we will be together," said Mathieu Gallet in a letter to employees.

"This is a working base finally stabilized with for the first time the expression of preferences from management on the path towards return to balance, on which the Minister will decide on the next day," indique- is it in the entourage of the Minister.

The former Minister of Culture, Frédéric Mitterrand, brought Friday its support for Mathieu Gallet, who was a member of his cabinet. The outcome of the conflict "is played in the office Fleur Pellerin and CSA. The state is the largest shareholder, but the appointments is the CSA," said the former minister on iTELE. "The CSA appointed unanimously trusted him and did not let go. It is they who are following this issue," he added.
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