Demonstrations Outside The Home of Christian Basket and Michelle Martin

Demonstrations Outside The Home of Christian Basket and Michelle Martin

The event, which was attended by a seventy persons, lasted less than an hour. We were away from the crowd announced on social networks (1,500 people) on Sunday afternoon at the home of Christian Panier. The ex-magistrate who decided to welcome Michelle Martin in his home in Floriffoux. But the despite the decree issued by the police mayor of Floreffe, André Bodson, which banned the rally. Some seventy demonstrators gathered at 14h00 in front of the property of the main person. Or almost, because all these people were stationed in front of the neighboring property ...

In fact, this gathering was much less contentious than held in August 2012 when Michelle Martin arrived in the former convent of Poor Clares in Malonne. One might even call it a flop. Part of the protesters remained on the sidelines, without yelling or even without a word. While supporters of the two political groups present "Stand Belgians" and "Nation" have long clashed in a war of words on their ideas. You could however at times hear some slogans like "assassin Martin. Your house is in prison."

Demonstrations Outside The Home of Christian Basket and Michelle Martin
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Note that this failure is due to the police presence is more than likely cooled more than one. The authorities had taken precautions to prevent overflow as was the case in the past because waiting some 1,500 people. A total of 40 men of the federal and local police were requisitioned to secure the premises. Some in turnout gear.

Finally, at 14h53, it was decided by the commanding officer of the police zone between the Sambre and Meuse, Jean-Louis Galetta, to evacuate all the protesters. Some left to themselves, without flinching. Others had to be pushed around by the forces of order. During the evacuation, a man and a woman were arrested administratively. Shortly after 15:00, when the "quiet" returned, Christian cart put his head over the wall of his property. Michelle Martin, it was logically absent on Sunday. Cut his home, the former judge confessed to having opened a window to hear the demands of protesters. "Failing to have the image I wanted the sound. The words that I heard? We can not even call it claims ...".
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