Fit Your Body With Schuessler Salts

Fit Your Body With Schuessler Salts

A simple method of healing which in layman can apply - this was the goal of Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler had in mind when he developed the mid-19th century, the cell salts. Their effect is based on the recognition that minerals in each cell have an important role. The health of a person based on a balance of these minerals. As cell salts influence this balance, it is rural women from Reken, district Borken at Sabine Meis and Mareen Volbert. Both Pharmaceutically informed technical wizard with additional training in homeopathy.

Low potencies
Dr. Schüssler realized that the minerals must be packed into small molecules so that the body can absorb these cell. Most salts are therefore used in the potencies D6 or D12. The low potencies have the disadvantage that large quantities are to be taken frequently to tablets.

Fit Your Body With Tissue Salts

Some homeopaths recommend daily doses of up to 40 tablets, tells Sabine Meis. She has learned that such large amounts are to provide for a longer period hardly, so that is why their advice; "Dear take a little longer but less. These two speakers presented before each salt: salt # 1 (calcium fluorite - salt of connective tissue) to salt # 11 Silicea - Salt of the hair, skin and connective tissue).

Put under the tongue
Tissue Salts can be taken acutely or over a longer period of time than cure. Who decides to cure, can fill his portfolio of minerals in the long term. In general, this depot holds for at least one year. Important when taking it, do not swallow the tablets. The salts are absorbed through the oral mucosa, explains Mareen Volbert. Therefore, they must dissolve in the mouth. She advises to put the tablets under the tongue.? Image by; Kathrin39
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