Free Download Zombie Shooter

Free Download Zombie Shooter

Download game Zombie Shooter Free for Computers is a shooting game made specifically for the computer. This exciting game is a combination of zombie shooting at two game modes namely action game and RPG. You can choose a character that you can choose, in addition you can also develop skills, earn money and buy a wide range of sophisticated weapons, drugs and a wide range of interesting devices. All the equipment you need to beat hundreds of zombies are coming to attack.

Zombie Shooter
The zombies will continue to chase you and not let to rest at all. The model is very different game than the game plants vs zombies 2 free in a relatively relaxed android. Zombie Shooter game can not be played casually, because it can get you killed. Imagine you arrive in a city not known and see various kinds of destruction. Almost all of its citizens turned into zombies and began to chase.


In this free game there are many features that make increasingly engrossed in playing it. Here's a list of the main features that exist in this free zombie game

  • Can upgrade the player
  • There are so many zombies that appear, can be more than 100 zombies in an area within which besamaan
  • More than 60 types of weapons that can be used
  • There are several types of vehicles you can ride
  • There are a lot of advanced equipment such as radar and drones to attack the zombies
  • There are 3 game modes, namely Campaign, Survive and Gun Stand


If you are interested in the game shooting zombies, you can download it for free via the download button below. Before downloading we try to remind that the size is quite large, which is about 300an MB. So make sure you use a fast internet and sufficient quota. Because this game can be played offline.

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