Get More Revenue with AdSense Advertising

Get More Revenue with AdSense Advertising

Get More Revenue with AdSense Advertising
The Rules to follow to optimize the pages with ads and earn more money. The areas and areas that generate more revenue. Getting advertising display properly on mobile. Add link units and more publicity without affecting the load time of pages, the search engine rankings without causing rejection readers.

Tips and tricks to earn more revenue with AdSense advertising

How to earn more money if you use AdSense service.
Additional measures and options to increase revenue we receive for publishing our content. After inserting blocks of ads on the pages of our blog or website and start earning, we can optimize them to maximize service without affecting the performance of our website, or cause rejection from readers. For this we use the following measures, all approved and recommended by Google.

Choose AdSense ads that generate more revenue
Not the same that users see 3 links in an ad text, a picture or a video appealing attractive. Sometimes just out of curiosity give a click on the ad. Even on occasions such announcements are in English and even so attract clicks from readers.These are called "enriched ads". They sometimes static and sometimes short videos displaying images. In case of unavailability chart shows related announcement is slow or when loading the page, text ads are displayed. Enriched ads also generate more revenue because the prints.

What are impressions?
AdSense pays two ways to manage the page (called by them editor):
✓ CPC (cost per click) is paid for valid clicks made by users on the advertising pages.
✓ CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is paid every time a page containing advertising is loaded into the user's browser but do not give a click on the ad. The way you pay for a given ad, depends on the method you hire the advertiser serving AdWord, but usually graphic formats are most likely offer to charge for impressions, or every time they are displayed, even without give the user clicks on them.

Sizes ad units that make earn more money:
-Block 300 x 250 also called "medium rectangle".
It is the announcement of the increased inventory, so there is more variety in offers and more likely to give readers a click. It is the ad displayed correctly on the screen of any device including mobile Smartphone. It can be inserted in any area, including in the text. It is available in blocks of text, display ads and mobile.

  1. -Block 336 x 280 also called "big box". Similar to previous announcement on availability. Shown correctly on all devices except iPhone and others with screen 320 px wide.
  2. -Block 728 x 90 also called "leaderboard". It is ideal for desktop screens, but not load correctly on phones and tablets. The ideal solution is to use using customizable design.
  3. -Block 160 x 600 also called "Wide Skyscraper" Historically used in the sidebar. No serves on mobile sites since in this case it is hidden.
  4. -Block 320 x 50 Also called "leaderboard for mobile". Load correctly on all screens occupying the entire width (eg iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.). Never use on a single page two blocks of the same ads to prevent the same ad is displayed. The AdSense ad units that generate more revenue and allow us to make more money.

The topics and words best paid by AdSense
The service depends on AdWords AdSense, so what more charges advertisers who request this service, you most benefit brings us. Here are some of the terms relate highly paid service Google AdWords, so pages address these issues and include the terms significantly improve revenues. Travel, Flights, Flights, Hotels and Tourism, Electronics, Computers, Technology and Telecoms, Finance, Business, Real Estate, Construction and Architecture, Loans, Investments, Insurance, Medicine and Health.

Add more publicity using link units
One option available in AdSense and not used by many for lack of information, are link units. AdSense policy sets use up to three ad units, but can additionally insert up to three link. Are small tables that only links or links without additional text is. They do not hinder page load and allow us to increase revenue. They can be used in any area of ​​the page.
The most useful as AdSense reported are:

  • 468 x 15_4
  • 728 x 15_4
  • Then a block of 200x90 shown is the one we use. Although small it fits properly on the screens of mobile phones.

Add more advertising using Google search boxes
Another option is to insert earning Google search boxes, also known as custom search engine (CSE). Not only win extra money but will be especially useful to our readers. These tables allow a Google search only in the content of our website indexed by Google. Find text or images. You can see at the bottom of every page of our site. The gain is given because the result of the searches made commercials shown. Each page can display up to two pictures that can be fully customized.

To create these pictures for your site or blog accesses the following address to obtain the necessary code.
After login to your AdSense account and enables ads in searches.
You can also create tab "My Ads" in AdSense or from Webmaster Tools.

Placing the ad in the places that generate income
The usual amount of clicks differ in different areas of a page. The so-called hot spots are more likely to catch the attention of readers, so where should place the ads.

Zones or areas of the page where you put ads. The darker areas, starting with blue are where the user sets their attention on page load, so the most effective. Some advertising services do not allow ads to be inserted into the page after a certain distance from the top of the page to ensure more effective, this distance is between 1000 and 2000 pixels. However never advertising must be shown above the main content and the risk that the product will be penalized by Google runs. Since January 2012 an adjustment algorithm called "Ads Above The Fold", detects and penalizes pages with advertising over the content.

AdSense scans correctly make sure our site
One of the main measures is to ensure that we did not block access to AdSense robot supporting files from our site, such as images and videos. The goal is that advertising based on content is inserted, to achieve more clicks from the user. If it does not just win some money for impressions and not by CPC since the show generic ads that sometimes have nothing to do with what we publish, we do not encourage readers to click on them and do nothing. Many users complain that the ads do not correspond to its content and causes most of the time is that the site is not indexed correctly.
To fix this do the following:

Add the following lines at the top of the robot.txt file on your site:

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

That's it.
The robots.txt file is a simple text file, otherwise there you must create one.

Using adaptive Adsense ads
Currently one of the sources of traffic from many websites are portable devices like cell phones and tablets. In such cases we should try to use the system adaptable ads. Is that different ad sizes depending on the width of the browser screen the user will be shown. That way when you use a laptop or PC, wide block will show unlike you access using a cell, which in this case will only see small advertisements that do not exceed the width of your small screen.

If we become aware of the number of accounts that Google constantly suspended for mishandling we would be terrified, but we should not have any fear if we go by the rules. However never be more watch for the following additional measures to classical to give intentional clicks:
1- It should be extreme caution on the links inserted on our pages, directed to external sites.
Any links to a site that violates the policy Copyright invalidates the ads displayed on that page where you inserted. There are certain web sites that are not well regarded by Google and other search engines, to detect any relationship between our site and these addresses, we will be punished and even disappear completely from the search results.

Are poorly regarded the following types of websites:
• Sites dedicated to malware
• Sites dedicated to spam
• dedicated to selling bonds to raise the PageRank sites

Keep in mind that sometimes these sites with the naked eye can not distinguish from others. There are several tools to identify, but one of the simplest options is to check if they are rankeados in Google.

If you have some value in the scale of PageRank, whatever this, there is no danger.
2- Also avoid on pages with advertising links to sites affiliated companies.
3- Make sure that ads are not in a block in which it is used "display: none"
Display none is an attribute used in CSS and Javascript to hide a block (DIV).
It is now widely used to automatically hide the sidebar, when the screen of a device is less than a certain value, so that the page displays correctly in portable devices.
In that case if it has an ad in the taskbar, it will violate the rules of AdSense.
4- Always leave enough free area around the ad. Clearly separate them from other content and especially the links, using tags <br>, to bring out clearly and differentiate by the user, thus avoid confusion.
5- You should try to eliminate as far as possible, unnecessary items on these pages, mainly other scripts, effects and embellishments that can prevent publicity loading.
6- It is suggested not to use on pages containing AdSense ads, other advertising systems.

Know information from your site without entering AdSense
Google Publisher Toolbar is an extension for Google Chrome browser. It is a toolbar that allows us to see the performance of our AdSense account, view statistics and block ads for creativity or URL, while browsing our site. It saves some time. Install it using the following LINK
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