Handling The Hazardous Materials

Handling The Hazardous Materials

Handling The Hazardous Materials
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Farmers and foresters handle with a number of substances that can cause accidents and serious diseases with long-term consequences. Manager must therefore comply with government regulations.

Alkalis, acids, liquid, the handling of these substances can be dangerous. Manager must not only yourself be careful, they are also responsible for training all employees accordingly, and to point out possible dangers. The duties of the manager

For each hazardous substance that is used in the operation, the manager must prepare a risk assessment. On this basis he created the operating instructions. This shall include all employees succinct information on hazardous materials and the necessary protective measures used in the operation to be performed. conduct, the behavior in case of danger, the first aid measures and the proper disposal can be found there as well. 

Employment restrictions are also part of the operating instructions. So are pregnant, and young people are not using CMR substances of category 1A and 1B. substances with similar properties, for example, all corrosive substances, it can be summarized in the operating instructions for the sake of simplicity. 

The outer shape is not fixed. New employees or holiday cover are to be instructed before work and then once a year of hazardous substances orally, young people even every six months. It must be made ​​to the prior knowledge into consideration. So it may even practical exercises are carried out. By signing the participants, the training shall be documented and kept for two years. What else? Furthermore, it must always be checked whether a less hazardous substance or work method can be selected. 

Chemicals should never transferred to food containers and corrosive substances are stored above eye level. Hazardous Substances must be stored under lock and key. The employer must regularly check that the safety measures are met and the protective equipment is in perfect condition. 
By; Elke Kokemoor - a pharmacist from East Westphalia-Lippe - 
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