How to Make Your Phone Save From Sucks People

How to Make Your Phone Save From Sucks People

How to Make Your Phone Save From Thieves
Here are some tips that you can try to ensure personal data and your phone safe from thieves.

1. Activate the screen lock feature.
In your phone, there are various kinds of personal data, ranging from SMS, picture and phone numbers of friends and family. And it can be accessed by others if you are not careful. Therefore, we recommend you activate the screen lock feature on your phone. You can use a 4 digit PIN or password consisting standard-of numbers, letters and symbols. By doing this, the existing personal data on your phone will be better protected.

2. Enable the "Do Not Track" in the browser on your phone
All information that you provide when you're surfing the internet will be collected and will most likely be used to deliver ads to you. Option "Do Not Track" function on your browser to prevent the sites you visit from collecting data about you. Although activate this feature does not guarantee the security of your data, but some sites will choose to respect your wishes.

3. Block your phone number when necessary
There is nothing wrong if you make sure that your phone number is not tracked when you call a company may record your number. However, many companies that want to collect your personal data such as telephone numbers.

4. Avoid picking up the phone spam
There are many telemarketing services that will try to call your number just to check if your number is active or not. Once they know that your number is active, your number will be included in the list that will be sold to companies. And this means that you will get more and more calls or SMS spam.

If you're an Android user, you can use applications such as Current Caller ID from Whitepages to ascertain who is calling you. While the iOS-based gadgets, you can use Truecaller to identify the number that called you.

5. Enable recovery applications to locate your gadgets lost or stolen
When you can not find your phone, sometimes you into a panic. With the recovery of applications that you can install on your phone, you can make sure your phone can not be used or even find its location using GPS.

6. Fill in the data on your mobile phone owners
If your phone is lost and found good people, they can only call you if they know how to make contact with you. Therefore, you must include information on how to contact you. Although you do not have to fill this data is very complete. For example, you can write your first name but only use initials for the last name. You can also enter a phone number or a family friend, so that people who find your phone can contact you.

7. Make sure your mobile phone is stored in a safe
Even though you have done everything you can to make sure applications and personal data on your phone is not accessible, but still there is a chance your phone is stolen. To overcome this, we recommend that you hold your phone securely or put your phone in hard to reach places, such as front pants pocket or bag inside of your bag. And as much as possible, try not to show off your gadget.
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