How To Unlock Forgotten Android Patern Key

How To Unlock Forgotten Android Patern Key

How To Unlock Forgotten Android Patern Key
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It works! Unlock your Android phone or Tablet locked patterns / pattern, blocked or forgotten passwords for lockscreen PIN used in Android is going to make you upset. On the other hand the lock screen of Android will add to the security of a prankster who wants to try to open or view the contents of your Android phone or tablet. However, it is realized or not this will only be a problem if it turns out there are people who try to unlock the screen continuously and enter the wrong PIN pattern or it will automatically be blocked.

This often happens on android tablet as well. Where many people forget to enter the wrong pattern, which eventually locked permanently with instructions; Too many experiments pattern !; That finally the tablet can not be used and only appear on the homescreen page to enter your Google account is used. After trying to enter your email and password it turns out there are other indications that "Username or password is invalid" when an email address and a password has been entered correctly.

How to Unlock Android Phone Locked Forgot Password or Pattern

To solve the problem of Android tablets that are locked because the wrong pattern, you can enter a PIN or password lock continuous pattern can try the following 3 steps.

Android open a locked because of incorrect password or pattern
1. One way this can be done with the current state of Android you are connected to the internet. Whether it's with internet access of Internet data packets and the sim card with Wi-Fi connection.

Tap forget or forgot pattern / password.
Enter the user name or username and password.

2. How to unlock Android blocked for failing and could not Sign in.
How this is done when you are not currently enable Internet access.
Make a phone call using another smartphone to Android locked.
Answer the call and do not close it.

Press the home button and then tap Settings and then enable data packets. The goal for the future can access the Internet and can sign in by entering your email and password to unlock.

You also can directly perform Disable to lock pattern or PIN password from the settings.

How to unlock a locked Android tablet with a Factory Reset.
If the second step and the above is not successful, then a factory reset is the last way. All you need to know is, when did this feature then all the data and files that are in the internal memory will be erased. If you have enabled the backup feature before Android is locked, you need not worry as your data is safely stored. Turn off, then disconnect the external memory (microSD) before doing so.

-Turn off your phone, then press Power + Volume Up + Home simultaneously for a few seconds to get into recovery mode.
-In recovery mode select Wipe data / factory reset by pressing the volume up or volume down.
-If you have been directed to Wipe data / factory reset, press the Home button.
-Last point to Reboot and press the Home button, then the tablet or samrtphone you will re-open.

Of the three methods above to open a locked Android PIN password pattern and eventually blocked, usually the way to three frequently used and always succeed against all the brands such as Sony Xperia, Asus ZenFone, Samsung Galaxy, Advan, LG, Lenovo, Oppo, and the other. But by doing this way then you will see Android Tablet back to the original settings.
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