Ilham Laraki At the Biennale Art Barcelona

Ilham Laraki At the Biennale Art Barcelona

Ilham Laraki At the Biennale Art BarcelonaVisual Arts. The artist-painter Ilham Laraki Omari. Fresher, brighter, the painter Ilham Laraki Omari represents Moroccan contemporary art in the context of the Barcelona Biennale Arte scheduled from April 17 to 19 at the European Museum of Modern Art of Barcelona. She will be exhibiting his latest series of paintings that displays above all the talent of a local artist and reveals her intimate universe of fleeting dreams and impalpable poetry.

There are moments in art history where change is so strong that it acts like a tornado. A tornado that mixes individual and collective initiatives and overflows universal characteristics. Here, the air flow is always intense. This is what we also retains the last series of works by the painter Ilham Laraki Omari. A series that the artist has decided to unveil the European Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona as part of the Biennale Arte of the Catalan city. 

The opportunity for the Spanish public to discover the 17 to 19 April the aesthetic and artistic qualities of painting Ilham Laraki. Her work shows a design made of requirements and basic honesty but also immediate instinct, dreams, poetry and fantasy. And these aspects come together to literally incarnate in matter, pigment, line and light. For her, painting is a necessity. She chose this mode of expression feeling. And especially by conviction.

"The plastic approach Ilham Laraki Omari is a hymn to the beauty of the world. There in his wonder something mineral, an innocence of a child who lives in his actions and her paintings radiate a light that captivates us and takes us to the confines of a terrestrial heat, kindergarten, but also intensely carnal "says about this research professor and author Lahsen Bougdal.

Today, the painter, true to her creative passion, cultivates relationships with cross-lived space. Sometimes fascinated by the designs and shapes in a trance, sometimes dazzled by the fascinating language of colors and symbols, it reveals a diverse array of works inspired fragments and symbolism, more gestural and less formal. All in an attractive visual rendering where life is always present. What delight lovers of contemporary Moroccan art.

"Painting Ilham Laraki Omari is as something as thin and as fragile as a flame exposed to the inner winds. Theatre of fruitful friction, her painting is the expression of an emotional rhythm boosted by questioning the constituent dualities of being, "he argues. It must be said that the apparent simplicity that our painter deploys in the distribution of elements makes her very attractive works. This could be understood as a rationalization of space. In this last series, the intrinsic value of each work adds to others. And all enrich each other. 

These coins are authentic in a different painting lesson and harmony that creates a facade and a new entity. The colors she chooses for her works are all brighter than each other in their tonal relationships in the vocabulary of forms and signs that redraw them, imprison them or expose them. "The spiritual impulse through each canvas in a burst of sublimation of a deaf fragility coiling in the folds of a carefully orchestrated warm palette. The rustle of a color vector musicality is intense emotions whose energy tries to capture the viewer by snatching its materiality, "She concludes.
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