It's Really Funny, Weird Priest

It's Really Funny, Weird Priest

The devil's been a hoot. Drives his jokes with humanity and can't get enough of this farce so which can optionally called chance or fate. That she has after all a punchline, Christ is thanks to: crucified, died, and surprise...!! On the third day he rose again. The Death? The Evil? All just a bad joke. Until the 19th century had its own liturgy of the clergy for the good fortune to have a savior with comeback warranty, inculding the risus paschalis, Easter laughter. After the first Holy Week there was a stand-up comedy: Priest was interspersed with anecdotes their sermons, jokes and even dirty jokes, gave the best magic tricks and presented in mime the triumph of the Gospel on earthly suffering is.

A punch line: that this rite now reappears in Hamburg, because Protestantism is no longer really launched the latest since Luther jokes. 1853 banished an ecclesiastical decree officially,"Fables, rhyming seals and obscure" from the Easter sermon. Like other churches also celebrate the St. John's community Easter laugh: On Monday Olli Dittrich will occur, not as Dittsche - although that is also a Western character, but as Socrates the snack bar but then more from Greek antique cut.

Weird Priest

In Altona Dittrich is read from the work of the Hamburg humorist Heino Jaeger, a virtuoso of the absurd comedy and revered by comedians in a way, which one can easily call religious. Jaeger is always good for a resurrection: Buried in the annals of literary history (he will cease to be traded as a poet than as a comedian, see the beautiful edition of his sketches in No - & - Aber-Verlag), he returns as a style reference in the works Rocko Schamoni, Heinz Strunk and just Dittrich back. On the Internet you can get an idea of ​​the good news Jaegers, for example with the radio play miniature pastor of 1975. A six-minute sermon, in which one does not know whether they are touching, extravagant, contaminated or all together. "I myself have five small children at home and also a TV," says Jaeger in the role of TV preacher. "But I always ask myself before the television: Is that all truly IS THAT ALL GOD WANTED A rather nice Sunday?".

"Everything that facilitates pain and grief is allowed in the church" Said Olli Dittrich. And the pastor Michael Schirmer, the host in Altona, is: "Faith and humor belong together Both can lift us out of the tragedy of everyday life.." That laughter has something cathartic, is controversial, at least from a theological perspective. In Umberto Eco's novel The Name of the Rose, a monk hides the writings of Aristotle to comedy in front of his friars. Humor, his fear decomposes a system based on fear and remorse belief system. About dogmas do you not kidding. Church Father John Chrysostom proclaimed 400 AD. "Not to us, together, to strike laughter But to sigh for, and sigh with this we will acquire us to heaven." Contra Dittrich, in the year 18 by Jaeger (he died in 1997 in Bad Oldesloe): "Laughter connects with others."

Maybe both is yes: Together complain of the injustice that is happening to Christians in Iraq, Syria, where every day of the year, Good Friday is a Passion and torture story with an uncertain outcome. And together, joking about their own shortcomings, fears, anxieties, especially since one has returned from the dead and then says; "Condemnation do not make me laugh"
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