Jokko Conseil, The Funny Montmartre

Jokko Conseil, The Funny Montmartre

Montmartre, France. Jokko Conseil, a less known than Bygmalion society, but that is reminiscent to (much) smaller scale fricotages between politics and business. His trademark? Being "different communications agency in accordance with our beliefs and our desire to commit ourselves concretely to a different society, more just and citizen." At the head of the board box, Aline Weber, current communications director of the Town Hall of the 18th arrondissement of Paris. This socialist activist went to school between 2003 and 2008 as a press officer of the former mayor PS Daniel Vaillant. In the process, she founded her small business. Just she has time to file the articles that the first contract with his former employer began to rain.

The fledgling com box is found responsible for the design and management of the website of the Harvest Festival of Montmartre, one of the great Parisian events. A mission that ensures Jokko from 2009 to 2013 to 4000 euros per year in the funds of the Town Hall. But that's not all. Charged by the municipality of the operational organization of the festival, the Association for the Development of creation, studies and projects (ADCEP) recruits Aline Weber. Allowing the communicating benefit each year between 2010 and 2013 a CSD to six months half (paid 1400 euros per month). A curious mix of genres. Interviewed by The, Aline Weber denies having "benefited from favoritism," while acknowledging that his "situation is troubling."

"The old pal" Lejoindre
And that, especially that small business between the mayor and Jokko Conseil does not end there. In 2009, the advertising agency won a tender of 5000 euros for the graphics of the magazine Mosaic, a magazine providing the link between neighborhood Conseils. Jokko oversees the implementation of the first six issues published between 2010 and 2011. But the project fails sooner than expected. The agency does not box 2000 euros, slightly less than half the advertised amount. Not enough to fill the small business funds which starts flounder. However, this is not for lack of trying everything, "The News newspaper, greeting cards, I tried to make all course I tried to make them." Concedes Aline Weber .

Jokko Conseil, The Funny Montmartre

In 2013, Jokko Conseil is no longer sufficiently profitable. To rebound, Aline Weber will rely on his "old friend" Eric Lejoindre, the future mayor of the 18th arrondissement. The Socialist candidate, catapulted top of the list by Daniel Vaillant, Aline Weber chooses to manage the communication of his campaign. "A service to purely voluntary basis," says one which will be recruited as director of communications after the election of Lejoindre.

After the second round of municipal, Aline Weber resigned his Board of Jokko manager position. Funny coincidence. The maneuver allows him to become invisible while remaining the majority shareholder of the company. The seat is moved in a building of Paris Habitat-OPH, the largest social landlord of the City of Paris. In reality, it is the home address of Aline Weber and his family. A three-bedroom rented 1254 euros per month obtained a few weeks before returning to the town hall. Again, Aline Weber sees nothing abnormal "In housing, a law is a collaborator Parisien as another I have not stolen anything.."

RIGHT OF REPLY. Hall 18th wished to exercise his right of reply, provided for in the law on freedom of the press, following allegations by The mission responsible for the contract in the office of Mayor of the 18th Aline Weber ended in April 2008. The contract stipulated a one-year waiting period between the end of the contract and the opportunity to compete at a City Market from Paris. Jokko The company, founded in May 2008, which was the manager Aline Weber, competed in a public contract says MAPA (market suitable procedure) in July 2009 for the graphic design of a newspaper neighborhood Conseils "Mosaic 18" . 4 companies have responded to this call for competition.

Jokko The company was selected with the offer that best bid and the lowest. This market was completed in 2010 and it is 1751 euros HT commands that were settled Jokko within this market. The order on the creation of a website dedicated to promoting the festival of harvest of Montmartre was under the procurement code. A consultation of several companies was conducted. Following this consultation, the mission was entrusted to Jokko for an amount of 3880 euros. The following services are only for updating the site and its maintenance.

Regarding the rental situation of the applicant, Aline Weber and his companion are tenants of a housing through Habitat Paris since 2007. Motivated by a change in their family situation (birth of two children), they filed with their landlord requested a transfer in 2010, demand has accomplished in January 2014, in a building of the Porte de Saint Ouen where similar apartments are still currently available, fault candidate accepting this neighborhood. In May 2014, Aline Weber was recruited as Director of Communications at the firm's new Mayor of the 18th. As required by law, Aline Weber is no longer manager of the Jokko company no longer has any market with the City of Paris and no longer have as this employment contract will last.
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