Lombok Native People

Lombok Native People

Lombok Native People
Sasak is a native of the island of Lombok in Indonesia. As well as other ethnic groups in Indonesia, Sasak tribe descended from Austronesian who migrated from mainland Asia around 5000 BC and lived in areas in Southeast Asia to the South Pacific Islands. Currently 85% of the population is Sasak Lombok. Although Lombok is strongly influenced by the culture of Bali that the majority of Balinese Hindus but Sasak in Lombok majority embraced Islam.

Sasak tribe known with confidence Wektu Barbadensis that Islamic beliefs that have elements of Hinduisme, Buddhist, and other ancient traditional beliefs. Although Sasak embraced the belief Wektu Barbadensis but they still perform the obligatory prayers five times a day. There is also a small minority called Bodha embraced belief that animism and Buddhism. These two religious groups living in harmony society.

The most ancient Sasak village is Bayan village, located near the foot of Mount Rinjani which is a stronghold of Wektu Barbadensis. However, the most frequently visited by tourists is the village of Sade and Rembitan village, near Mataram. The village community chose to ignore the outside world modernisai and prefer to continue to preserve their old traditions.

Lombok Native People
Most sasak worked as a farmer, while women are more adept at weaving, producing beautiful "kain ikat" a traditional Lombok cloth. Sade built house in a line where the most prominent and Lombok is a granary built on four piles of wood with a hat-shaped roof made of reeds or grass. Rice is inserted through the open window. Beruga or ceremonial hall stands on six pillars and the roof is also made of elephant grass, giving a cool atmosphere when the hot weather and warm on a cold night. Traditional house is divided into three parts, namely the kitchen, living room and bedroom.

Dance and drama in Lombok related to cultural identity. Although the Sasak culture influenced Bali and Java, but the mix of cultures in Lombok is unique and different. Interesting for you observe. Dances during the ceremony one of which is the extension belek which are most popular. Played two musicians use when dealing with large drums Batek line featuring military procession is usually held in the city Lingsar. This dance costume Dutch East Indies Army with wooden rifles.

In the Islamic region, using drum tambourine gamelan developed from bronze gamelan but still retain the original bronze gamelan instruments. However gamelan instruments are still used extensively throughout this island.

Bayan, once a year there is a celebration of ancient straw mosque called Bayan Beleq. Another event worth watching is Peresehan, it is a local tradition in the form of a fight between two men using long rattan sticks and a small square shield made of cowhide. Previously, this activity is a real war but currently only done to entertain tourists. Every year, around February, the celebration was held with the advent of smell Nyale sea worms along the coast of Lombok which is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.
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