More Enjoy Full Battery Bikes

More Enjoy Full Battery Bikes

Battery Bikes
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Now the season starts for electric bikes. Before the first trip there is a lot to consider - as the performance of the battery, so a longer tour nothing stands in the way. Markus Bussmann is the owner of two-wheeled Center thorn in Minden, Minden-L├╝bbecke. He explains how an e-bike should be maintained after the winter season. "So it goes fast forward, then the battery must be fit. Force him out of hibernation. "As long as the battery is not used, it loses voltage. Pressing on the output and thus on the range wide. "They are coming not by 100 km wide but only 80 km', estimates the two-wheeler expert. For long idle times he advises to connect the battery every four to six weeks for 15 to 30 minutes to the charger. 

Who has missed in the winter and now must start with a "limp battery" into the spring, the movement helps. "Drive until the battery is empty, charge it and go back." The longer and more often it is repeated. More faster the battery regains its power. For the safety Besides the battery check and a security check is part of the program. Sitting handlebar, seat and pedals fixed, or they have the game? If this is the case, the screws must be tightened.

And what about the engine?
As for the engine, the check is done quickly now. "The motor is maintenance for free," said a bike expert, joining the test drive unusual, disturbing noises, it is advisable to check the electric bike by a specialist. Functioning front and rear lights, all radiators are available? The brakes must engage. A good sign is when the brakes can not be heavier than usual pull. 

The brake pads must not be worn out too much. What are the wheels: Are all the spokes tight? If tires are intact and cracked or brittle? You must be inflated that they are hard. What is the permissible pressure is on the sidewall. The circuit should move easily and without hooks from one gear to the next. If the chain is worn flat on the pinion, it's time for a new one. ?
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