Nokia And Alcatel Lucent?

Nokia And Alcatel Lucent?

Nokia And Alcatel Lucent?
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Fusion jeopardize employment in Finland. The Finnish Finance Minister Antti Rinne said Friday was "worried" a possible threat to jobs in Finland following the acquisition of the Franco-American group Alcatel-Lucent by the Finnish Nokia telecoms equipment.

"You have to ask Nokia to assess the situation and keep jobs in the country. We have very good people, "said Antti Rinne in an interview with the Swedish-speaking Finnish newspaper 'Hufvudstadsbladet'.  The Finnish minister, "France will be harder to keep jobs" that Finland after the announcement of the merger between Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent. 

"Termination risk is higher in Finland than in France" He said, expressing support for the call by the Finnish engineering union has asked the Finnish authorities to take steps to Like the French Government, for the jobs. "Dismissing an engineer in France would cost around 50,000 euros, while in Finland the amount is necessarily lower or even zero if the employee immediately take a new job" Said the union in a statement. 

Declarations of Antti Rinne, also president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), involved two days of parliamentary elections in Finland.  He said further that the social partners should discuss "the meaning and impact of dismissals for economic reasons related to the production and consider stricter rules on the matter." Asked about about Antti Rinne, Prime Conservative minister Alexander Stubb said that "on the eve of elections, it is easy to promise everything and anything". Noting that the comparison between Finland, and France in rules of the labor market "is not appropriate."

"The situation in Finland now is more like that of Sweden or Denmark, who also have a more flexible labor market, which serves exports in terms of competitiveness," said Alexander Stubb. According to various surveys, the popularity of the outgoing government, mainly composed of the Prime Minister's party (National Coalition) and the SDP, has never been so low since the beginning of the legislature in 2011. Almost two thirds of respondents accuse the government strongly divided over what to do to get the country the subsequent recession have failed to revive the economy and create more jobs.

Wednesday, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia announced an agreement to launch a merger process of the two telecommunications equipment manufacturers in a Nokia named entity based in Finland and two-thirds owned by the current shareholders of the Finnish group.
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