Not For All Work, What's The Best Drill?

Not For All Work, What's The Best Drill?

Precise work with a lot of power is most DIYers very important. Drill, impact drill or hammer drill - the DIY enthusiast needs to know in advance what he wants to use the device. Of 36 tested tools, the Foundation convinced Warentest only 19th. Which drill is best for all aspects? This is not so easy to decide. Buyer yourselfer can choose between different brands and price ranges. That alone gives quite a wide range. But as retaining different functions, such as drill, impact drill or hammer drill. And that's not all: Another option are tools with lithium battery or cable. So take what? The Stiftung Warentest 36 devices tested and found: Only every second is good and the price is no guarantee that we will get a non-defective unit. A total of 19 devices receive the judgment of "good". Test winner in all categories are each a tool from Bosch. A tool that accomplishes all tasks equally well, however there is not.

Cordless Drill

Flush screw heads screwed in pine wood works well with up to 80 mm long and up to 8 mm wide screws with most devices. Difficulties in this task, however, have the most impact drills. They take longer and are less precise. The testers were also able to find any rele- vant differences between cordless drills with 14.4 V or 18 V battery. Most battery can also be recharged within one hour. Home improvement, the sink many screws should buy a good cordless drill and not rely on a combination device. Eleven Cordless Drill received the overall rating of "good". But only these seven confident in the function:

What's The Best Drill?
Imgae by;

Bosch PSR 18 LI-2 (about 187 €)
FeinABS14C (etwa299 €)
Metabo BS 18 Li (about 249 €)
Metabo BS 14.4 Li (about 200 €)
AEG BS18C LI-402C (about 330 €)
Obi / Lux ABS-18 Li (about 110 €)
Ryobi RCD18022L (about 190 €)

Percussion drill without power
Impact drills should be genuine all-rounder. From sinking screws in wood or metal up to drill a hole in the concrete wall - nothing should be too difficult these devices. In this study, three cordless hammer were examined thoroughly. Only the Bosch PSB 18 LI-2 (about 239 €) received an estate.

The only cordless hammer in the test, the Bosch Uneo Maxx (about 159 €), is a good. However, he believes only when impact drilling. For screwdriving and drilling other devices are better. 7 Of the 13 tested, impact drills less strong in their major discipline - the Schlagboh- ren Only the "Bosch PSB 1000 2 RCE (about 185 €) and the Makita HP2071J (about 267 €) worked well with concrete.. The units of Hitachi, Obi / Lux and Black & Decker failed early in the endurance test.

Were excluded from the test equipment with batteries that contain the toxic heavy metal cadmium. The reason: Batteries with cadmium discharged within a few weeks of self Thereafter, they lack the appropriate force. Tools with such batteries are not only harmful to the environment, but also a whole expensive and annoying for the consumer. However, just these devices are widely available low. Traders want the discontinued models like to have from the camp. For the tools with these batteries could soon be covered with a sales ban.
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