Orange Juice Freshly Squeezed Quickly?

Orange Juice Freshly Squeezed Quickly?

Orange Juice Freshly Squeezed Quickly? Freshly squeezed juices give a real vitamin boost. But what machine presses best? Is healthy, which is exhausting. - So at least seems to be the motto when it comes to fresh squeezed orange juice. Remedy when juicing to bring electric presses. The WDR service time has tested four of these devices together with two students, a bartender and a bar manager. The best case models CP 3534 by Severin (45 €) and CJ have cut 3050 Tribute Collection of Brown (50 €).

We were surprised the testers of the 3050 CJ von Braun. This was initially due to the high proportion of negative plastic up and made a good impression. In the test, it was, however, the press, had to be taken when the least effort. Both the machine by Braun and the Severin squeezed the oranges from the test clean and quickly. The juicers also impressed with the quality of the juice. This but contained a lot of pulp, but no nuclei.

Orange juice

The Stelio WMF (40 €) fell by crushed seeds in the juice unpleasant. The oranges were also not squeezed out efficiently. The True JE 290 Kenwood (40 €), however, could not convince because of the high force application. Both devices testers appeared significantly slower than the pressing of Severin and brown. ? Elisa Berste, Photo by : boumenjapet
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