Philipine's Hackers Attack Indonesia

Philipine's Hackers Attack Indonesia

"It's not about the defacement. It's about the message.

Philipine cyberwar Vs Indonesia - After dead pinalty of 7 prisoner because drug dealing case. Relative with the process of dead executions against citizens of the Philippines because drug dealer Mary Jane Velosso in indonesia, some phiplipnes hackers react for this. So long inaudible hum drums of war in virtual world, now these events seemed to back enliven the cyber world. 

Cyberwar began when the group of hackers from the Philippines, one of which has the code name Blood Sec Hackers have many paved and defacing the websites of Indonesia. It sparked outrage from the Hacker Indonesia, and not some time later a counter-attack was already launched. Defacer flock gathered in a facebook group belonging IDCA ( Indonesian Cyber Army) as a command center to carry out a series of counterattacks. Not long ago, hundreds of web sites with dot ph domain fallen as a result of these actions.

However Blood Sec Hackers confirmed that they had no intention of attacking and paralyzing Indonesia sites. They just want to make a protest against corrupt government by sending messages through the script in pairs.

"It's not about the defacement. It's about the message. "Said one of the administrators in their facebook fanspage Blood Hackers Sec. But whatever their reasons, it will not stop a counter-attack which will continue until an unspecified time. From our observation, at least Indonesia has been around hundreds of sites that have been hacked and changed the display pages by Blood Hackers Sec. Here is a list of sites that have been hacked and dideface by Blood Sec Hackers:
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