Pope Criticizes Feminist Theory That Recognizes Gay

Pope Criticizes Feminist Theory That Recognizes Gay

Pope Criticizes Feminist Theory That Recognizes Gay
VATICAN CITY (15 / APR / 2015) . The Pope Francisco criticized the "gender theory", current feminist thought which has opened the way for the legal recognition of homosexuals in various countries. In its public hearing Wednesday before more than 25,000 people in the Plaza de San Pedro, warned against "the removal of differences" between men and women because, he said, that is "the problem and not the solution."

He reflected on the "complementarity between man and woman" and said both "are the image and likeness of God", not only in their individuality, but also as a couple. He said experience shows that, to know good and "grow harmoniously," the human being needs of reciprocity between the sexes because when that does not happen, "the consequences are."

"Modern and contemporary culture have opened new spaces, new freedoms and new depths to enrich the understanding of this difference. But it has also introduced many doubts and skepticism," he added. "For example, I wonder if the so-called gender theory is not an expression of frustration and resignation looking to cancel sexual difference because they do not know and confront her. If we run the risk of taking a step back," said .

Among Catholics there is the conviction that the "gender theory" is a "Trojan horse" of modern culture that has weakened the institution of the family and has caused a crisis of roles for both men and women. Francisco indirectly held that view by stating that marriage and family union for life is based on complementarity between the sexes, while the difference between them "not to compete and dominate", but that reciprocity is given.

"To solve their relationship problems, man and wife should talk more, hear more, know each other, love each other more. They must be treated with respect and cooperate with friendship" established. Marriage and family are "serious thing" not only for believers and therefore urged intellectuals to not expound on that as if they had become secondary for the commitment in favor of a more free and just society. According to the Pope, to overcome the difficulties of marriage between man and woman, urged to do "much more" in favor of women, "with more creativity and audacity".

"Not only to make it more recognized, but that his voice has real weight, effective authority in society and in the Church I ask. If the crisis of faith in the Father not be also related to the crisis alliance between man and woman, "he pondered. During the pontificate of Benedict XVI, Pope was criticized when he pointed out the limits of "gender theory" and its impact on modern culture.
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