Protect The People..! Not The Borders!

Protect The People..! Not The Borders!

Protect The People..! Not The Borders!

Amnesty International Mediterranean Victims honored by the Tagus. About fifty people attended today in Lisbon in a silent march to demand that European leaders more action on the issue of immigrants trying to cross the Mediterranean, which "are not dangerous but are in danger."

Mostly dressed in black, the participants in the action, organized by the Portuguese delegation from Amnesty International appealed to European leaders to launch a search and rescue operation on a large scale in the area.

Next to the Columns Pier, the dozens of participants launched flowers to water, after marching slowly and silently from the Rossio, which focused. Speaking to Lusa at the end of the ceremony, executive director of Amnesty International, Teresa Pina, urged the international community to review the strategies and to take action to save lives, noting that migrants "are not dangerous but are in danger"

Teresa Pina criticized the "frankly insufficient operations" of the European Union for being "far short of a humanitarian nature of operation with air assets, redoubled maritime means and, above all, has a closer range, which reaches the area where the wrecks occur as was the case until last year with'Mare Nostrum` operation was interrupted ".

Wielding couplets with names of some victims of the shipwreck, protesters demonstrated their "feeling of revolt" against the alleged "impotence" of the international community and all countries - whether the match as the arrival - facing an issue considered be global.

"Protect people..! not the borders!" because "there is no illegal people," it read in some posters displayed in silence by protesters who promise not to "stop making pressure" until European leaders to solve the problem of the Mediterranean, respecting Human Rights.

After the sinking of April 19 that killed more than 600 people trying to reach Italy, Amnesty International launched a petition that will be delivered to the Portuguese government.

The initiative aims to put pressure on European governments "to enable them to open their eyes and see that there are people who people fleeing to Europe in very complicated circumstances, from hunger, armed conflict," he told Lusa Angela Ferreira, activist organization.

"We need to alert people to this suffering is atrocious. People are dying, trying to a better life and the pursuit of dignity and this is being denied to people. There must be a pressure on the international community and all countries either the departure, as the arrival. This is a problem on a global scale. The rights of persons and their dignity are above borders, "said Grace Farias, also activist of Amnesty International.

In 2014 thousands of people have died trying to reach Europe across the Mediterranean in what the United Nations described as the most dangerous routes in the world. About 170 thousand people came to Italy in 2014 after rescued by the navy, coast guard or merchant ships.
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