Sums Chirping, Smell

Sums Chirping, Smell

This lean Meadow with marguerites, has evolved through constant crop removal from a normal garden lawn. To create a colorful blooming flower meadow, you need good seed, a lot of patience and a bit of use in the first year. Landscapers Helge Jung reveals even more tips. Flower meadows are very easy to care for - compared with decorative lawn mowed, scarify, fertilized and will be weeded. "Besides," says Helge Jung, "flower meadows are just beautiful." The landscaper from Werther at Bielefeld is something like the wild flower expert in the region.

Create in spring
You would need a sunny area, time and equipment for a work placement: Unless it is a new installation in an open area is the old sod must be deported. Wildflowers it may not be as nutritious as turf grasses. "Now spring is the best time for it," says Helge Jung, "but it would also in late summer or early autumn."

Sow by hand
The naked earth is made saatfein with the rake or harrow - then sown. The best hand-stretched as a rule of thumb 2 to 4 g of seeds / m at 10 g / m² with sand to keep it spread pretty evenly. Not incorporated, but just roll in. Done.

The right seed
Seed mixtures there are quite favorable. Often develops after a few weeks actually a true bloom - in the first year. In the second blooming very little, almost nothing in the third. "Because these flowers mixtures consist predominantly of one-year, fast accrual of arable flowers which admittedly can sow again for the part, but need to germinate in open areas," says Helge Jung.

Sums Chirping, Smell

Find field Native Seeds
Helge Jung advises, preferring to spend the extra money and to receive the seed of Companies. It should fit to own land and be composed of native species reserve. Cheaper to more around 50 m² "islands" to mess with real wild flowers, of which they spread gradually the whole surface.

The right cut
A field of flowers twice a year, in early June and late August, mowed. The cutting height should not be less than 8 to 10 cm. Is rarely mowed to highly competitive plants prevail. Is mowed too often, we get caught numerous plants before seed maturity, so that they no longer can rejuvenate.  Photo: H. Jung
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