The Asparagus Museum

The Asparagus Museum

The Asparagus Museum
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A museum for the asparagus. The "Vestische asparagus Museum NRW" in the yard Südfeld in Herten shows more than 200 exhibits on botany, history and culture of asparagus in the Rhineland and Westphalia. When and how the asparagus came to Germany? How he found his way to Westphalia? Where and how it is grown and harvested? What he has healing powers? These questions are answered by the "Vestische asparagus Museum NRW", which is open to the operation of the direct marketer Südfeld in Herten (Recklinghausen) during the asparagus season from April to July. With an exhibition area of ​​approximately 150 m2 interested visitors will find more than 200 exhibits and lots of information about botany, history and culture of asparagus in the Rhineland and Westphalia.

Founder of the museum is the farmer Ludger Südfeld. It builds on his 50-ha-operation since the 1990s, asparagus, which he sold at markets and farm shop opened in 1997. The 50 ha farm which specializes in growing potatoes and special crops (asparagus, rhubarb, herbs), since 2004 is also a farm café.

Excitation from Bavaria
The Suggestion for asparagus museum received Südfeld when he takes on a trip through Bavaria, the European asparagus museum in Schrobenhausen germany, it is about 70 km north of Munich visited. "At the first time, I could imagine us nothing my wife and below. But after the visit to that museum we were thrilled, and it was my dream to build something similar for us. "

In the "Vesti asparagus Museum NRW" there is to see, among other Spargelpflüge different years of construction and other equipment with which farmers cultivated in ancient times and harvested asparagus. Old leases, yellowed photographs of cutting asparagus columns and other historical documents provide a lot of information about the history of the asparagus between the Rhine and Weser.

Silver pliers and hand-painted porcelain
Also on display are classy items for the food culture, some such as silver asparagus tongs, or the drip trays made of hand painted porcelain of the 19th century. We know the healing properties of asparagus is explained. Several art paintings are also on display, including watercolors and oil paintings of peasant Marianne Cordes from the Lower Saxony Uhlstedt (district of Rotenburg / Wümme), which has learned the crafts of painting on the famous Worpsweder art school. Numbers, illustrations and botany, the current asparagus and its economic importance to complete the information.

Tips for visitors
Address: Vestische asparagus Museum NRW, Backumer Road 416, 45701 Herten opening times: during the season (April 1-July 30): Monday to Sunday 10-19 clock. Out of season, interested just report the farm shop. Admission: Adults: € 1.50, € 0.50 children (up to five years free admission) Information: Tel. (0 23 66) 44 19 -
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