The Obsession With Steve Jobs Is Alive In Biographies of War

The Obsession With Steve Jobs Is Alive In Biographies of War

The obsession with Steve Jobs is alive in biographies of war. The different versions of who was Steve Jobs divide fascinated by his figure. Time magazine puts the central question: why do interest me who was really Jobs? Within three weeks, Apple will launch on the market the first product in a new category that was not designed by Steve Jobs, the Apple Watch. It is an important time for the leadership of Tim Cook, who is redefining its identity: on the one hand wants to prove that continues to be an innovation machine and excellence after the death of mentor; on the other hand, wants to retain the magical legacy of leader who took him to the top of the world.

Biographies of War

This is what justifies that several Apple executives have supported the new book Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of the Reckless Upstart into the Visionary Leader, published in late March by Random House and written in the first person by journalist Brent Schlender, with the collaboration the executive editor of Fast Company, Rick Tetzeli. Is this book aims to show the real Steve Jobs and dissolve the image left in the authorized biography of Apple co-founder, written by Walter Isaacson and published in late 2011. 

The very Tim Cook speaks on new book provides confidence little way about this biography entitled only Steve Jobs. A war that came to Time magazine, which published a long analysis of the opposing views and the question that is behind them, and it is not know who Steve Jobs, but why is there in the matter who he really was. By Ana Rita Guerra
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