The Owl Terror

The Owl Terror

The Owl Terror
Hello young emotions, ..Today we will go to a country of former colonial of Indonesia, from capital city in the Netherlands, Amsterdam precisely in the area of ​​Purmerend. At our meeting this evening, we will talk about terror and terrorists, was not only a human being can suffer from this diseases of terror but also animals, do not believe? Here the evidence. An owl, nicknamed "owl terrorist" by the residents of the city in the Netherlands has been caught after being found guilty of acts of terror by killing more than 50 people.

Well owl native to Europe is usually attacked by swooping like stealth moves from the top and then later attacked the residents in the area of ​​Purmerend, north of the city of Amsterdam, this owl terrorist acts have occurred over the last year, and until now the local security forces have not been out of terrorist groups where this bird comes hehehehe. Many victims of the attacks this owl injured and bloody, or just bruised by the attack.

"These animals are trapped by the falconer (nature eagle)," said city council Purmerend in a statement. <--- Just because owl, the city council spoke!

"Currently, the owl's in good health, and is currently also being held in temporary detention facility pending removal after proper permanent home is found for him." Well lucky terrorist owls, after being arrested and then just moved, try in Indonesia can be chopped tu owl, humans have been hit embat labeled terrorists especially if animals ?? : 3

So the story ni before the terrorist was arrested, the ghost siburung already spread fear among residents of the city, especially after the attacks become more widespread, then local officials advise residents to use umbrellas to protect themselves from terrorist attacks.

There is an incident in one of the attacks against two members of the athletic club were surprised by the owl swooped suddenly attacked the head and causing severe damage. One of these athletes eventually require six stitches in his head, not crazy is it ..?

Well so bro ,. An expert has said the owl, unusual bird behavior was caused by several factors, both birds are bred in captivity, or because of the increased levels of hormones in the early breeding season. Mbah a local city council member Mario Hegger said, he felt mixed feelings about the arrest of terrorist owl.

"On the one hand, you certainly will ignore these animals as well as wild animals mediocre," "But on the other hand, the situation of terror could not continue. We must do something." Hegger said.

Well so bro news of the arrest spread terrors siburung ghost who likes to dive suddenly attacked people and no matter wrong or not hihiihhi, yes it's also animals bro, can not be predicted, even the most docile animals even though they could potentially attack. Oh well, so, thank you bye.
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