The seven lives Capt'ain Swing

The seven lives Capt'ain Swing

The seven lives Capt'ain Swing. Unquestionably, Capt'ain Swing is one of the stars series My Journal (with Akim) and one of the survivors today with the reissue of the first episodes within a month of the same title since April 1994. To be honest This title does not know less than five different editions episodes between the main title, Annexes journals, releases albums and current editions.

Originally, it was an Italian series "Il Comandante Mark" whose first issue appeared in Italy in September 1966. The first release of the French title ran from July 1966 ("Ontario Wolves") to February 1991 ("G Men") of 296 numbers corresponding to the entirety of the Italian 281 episodes (and 13 editions). With few exceptions (the episode of the origins appeared in the No. 78 and last appeared in # 295 & 296), each episode is 64 pages. It may be noted that the French edition came out BEFORE the original edition. Capt'ain Swing is a creation of studio-G-ESSE ESSE formed by three Italian artists Giovanni SINCHETTO Dario Guzzon and Pietro SARTORIS. Super Swing # 1

The name of the studio formed by the initials of their names: SGS pronounced Esse Gesse. We owe them as characters from Miki ranger, Kinowa, The Black Rider, OMBRAX (Alan Mistero) and Il Grande Blek, all more or less known BD Small Formats lovers. Disagree with Dardo, Italian editor Blek, the trio decided to give the character to recreate a similar in another editor. That's how was born Capt'ain Swing that was offered to Araldo Editions (now Cepim and Bonelli) and was immediately accepted.

At the end of the Italian series, the character continues to live, but at slower pace of a special issue per year called "Speciale Mark" which appears around the month of May or June since May 1990. From the initial trio, it rest already more than Guzzon who died in 1997. The special issue of 1997 was conducted by Mr. Burattini scenario and Lina Buffolente the drawings while coverage was Mr. Pepe. With these special numbers are attached adventures highlighting the secondary characters like Betty, Owl Lugubre or Pouik.

Capt'ain Swing
The Characters - Italian Edition: No. 1 A merchant ship from France was attacked by the English near the US coast. One of the survivors came to the rescue of a man wearing at arms a baby, but he did manage to save the child. Shipwrecked, they are collected by Indian and small Swing grew up among them. It was only later that he will mingle with white men when his adoptive father hanged himself because he campaigned pure freedom. (Note: at no time we will know the name of the adoptive father). Swing decides to rebel against their foreign oppressors. He quickly federate around him a band of volunteer fighters who will take the "Wolves of Ontario".

he will meet the bearded bald, jovial and happy thief (for charity) named Mister Bluff and will rally to his cause taciturn Indian Owl somber, the leader fundamentally pessimistic 4 tribes of the Great Lakes. Do not forget Betty, the blonde character will become more or less his eternal bride and Pouik the mangy dog ​​Mister Bluff whose favorite pastime is to look at Owl Lugubre mess.

Wearing his hat otter skin and overlapping "Belle", his faithful mare Swing Capt'ain is the living symbol of resistance to the oppressor, represented here by the "redcoats" English. He is the guarantor of the seriousness of shipments while Mister Bluff does not hesitate to tease the innkeepers sprightly, which regularly attract trouble to the trio. As for Owl somber, he sees black life, helped in this by the persecution Pouik. This is a classic trio where the hero is surrounded by stooges more or less comical but Capt'ain Swing is characterized by a graphic quality well above the average of the small sizes and strong scenarios, even exciting.

* You can discover the origins of the character in the No. 78 "The son Hangman" (reprinted in the No. 80 & 81 of the new series) in a well-run episode where Swing in turn meets all future companions. In the Italian edition, this story was published in the No. 100 under the title "La storia del Comandante Mark" and it was in color!

* In issue 265 "The wisdom of him-who-know" Swing meets Blek, although neither one nor the other are identified (the episode in question is not the most exciting of the character, it must admit).

* There were two albums hardback published in 1973 and 1974 entitled "ontario Wolves" and "The cane killer" containing the first two episodes of Capt'ain Swing, but in color and large format.

Capt'ain Swing No. 265: the encounter with Blek
* The success of the series will reissue of the first episodes in chronological order in Super Swing (63 numbers from March 1980 to January 1987) in medium format, and without following the timeline in Special Swing (15 issues from March 1986 to February 1991).

* In Italy, the Swing Capt'ain takes rank and appointed Commander Mark Owl Lugubre called Gufo Triste (Sad Owl) Pouik by the name of Flok while Betty and Mister Bluff remain unchanged.

Other series
One of the most significant secondary series is undoubtedly Puma Black (N ° 25 to 229) (that is currently found in the pages of Akim). This is an Indian professional wrestler (of America) named Puma Black and his sidekick, mustachioed coach, hippie, sickly: BobĂ´ Lafleur still calls his friend Puma: Dad without any relationship between them. This sometimes ride with a penguin named Hector. The themes of fair play, loyalty, racism are addressed through sport in this very nice series disappears from Capt'ain to integrate Swing instead of main series in atemi.

There are also other series like Dan Panther (which had its own magazine, No. 1 to 24) in the first issues, Larry Yuma (No. 230 to No. 251), Brik (No. 266 to 270) Cisco Kid, Red Feather, Steve Joker in the past or Diavolo, pirate queen and Capt'ain Vir-de-Bor as BD short 10-page booklet in the center and even Klip Klop and for a few episodes (one can find episodes of this duo in the current page Capt'ain Swing).

World Wide Web
Capt'ain Swing # 1 It should be noted that there are at least three sites talking Swing exploits, that of Dominique Fabre (collector of Swing before the eternal) at: who gave me much information about the character (and I thank him).
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