The Supernova

The Supernova

Supernova are a type of star that represent, in fact, the death of a star. To better understand it is necessary to understand how this whole process. A star is always born in a cloud of dust and large, cold gas that is usually among other stars of a galaxy. In order to start the formation of a star there must be some kind of disturbance in the cloud, for example, the explosion of a supernova as we will forward more. Occurred disturbance begin to form lumps (of dust and gas clusters) in the cloud, then these lumps because of the amount of mass and the ever-increasing temperature begin to collapse and drag more and more matter into itself to form a core (this takes about millions of years, little time for a star), called protostar. Even so, continues protostar warming and dragging the field by means of gravity to the core to stabilize, and this core has enough mass it forms a star.

The Supernova
Tycho Supernova (SN 1572). Photo: NASA

Every star is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium and it will consume this fuel throughout his life until he runs out, that is, until all the hydrogen was consumed. When this occurs the star dies, but not always it turns into a supernova. This will depend on its size.

For the end the star hydrogen becomes a supernova, it must have a much larger mass than the sun, for example. When this occurs, it begins to transform the helium into carbon through the merger. It's the same with other smaller stars, but in such a large mass star is enough to fuse carbon into heavier elements such as sulfur and iron. Once the core is molten iron it collapses because of its own gravity and begins to fall about yourself, the former star outside is violently expelled into space and generates a shock wave that can trigger birth other stars in other galaxies. The core becomes so compact and dense in a matter of minutes, a small portion of it would weigh tons. So at its core protons and electrons merge to form neutrons, at this stage it is already star called neutrons. If the star that died is about thirty times greater than the sun so instead of a neutron star it will form a black hole. By Caroline Faria
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