Ticks: Small Bite But With Big Consequences

Ticks: Small Bite But With Big Consequences

Ticks: Small bite with big consequences. No welcome guest on the skin: fully Sucked female ticks. At each tick is a risk that it carries disease-causing organisms. With one bite can transmit the bacteria to humans and so infect him with Lyme disease. But there are effective protective measures.

Before a tick bite is the best protection long clothes. On-free skin has defense sprays, so-called repellents applied. Pharmacist Kenan Karakas recommends spraying the spray also to the lower pant legs so the ticks do not adhere there and later crawling on the skin. It is important to refresh the defensive spray every two to three hours. After staying outside the body scan thoroughly for ticks.

Ticks: Small Bite But With Big Consequences

Tick ​​bite - what now?

Has a tick bitten, it is important to remove them quickly and correctly. In this case, the parasite must not be crushed. To remove yourself tweezers with a fine tip and special loops or ticks cards are. This grip under the body of the tick and - possibly with gentle shaking - Pull the tick.

Removing ticks
How do you remove ticks with tweezers, this chart shows:

Ticks: Small Bite But With Big Consequences

The pharmacist recommended to disinfect the bite site after you remove and treat with iodine ointment. If the head of the tick stuck, it can thus indeed come to an inflammation of the bite site, but infection with Borrelia is unlikely. The removed tick is to bring in a suitable container to the doctor, who can be examined. Thus, later if symptoms occur conclusions about a possible Lyme disease are taken. By Wul, Photo: www.zecken.de
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