Tips Facing The Spring

Tips Facing The Spring

It's spring, long live the storage!  and many of us feel the fever of cleaning up in our veins! This is the time where ever think storage and re! Here are some tips for some parts of your home. When children get home from school, they often put their homework, papers to sign and books on the kitchen table. It becomes problematic when it comes time to eat. With binders like those used in doctors' offices, it is easier to establish a system to relieve the table. You can make one for each child and one for parents.

Here are some tips:

1. Locate where congestion is the entrance, kitchen, living room.
2. Sign workbooks with names of each of your family members with a felt pen for glass. The kids can do themselves.
3. Attach them to the wall and voila!

Involve children in the introduction of this system and explain the benefits of having their leaves signed in time and paperwork always grouped in one place. They can put communications from the school and signed documents in the record, and in the evening, when the parent is relaxed, he signed the paper and hands it in the child's file. The next day, it takes everything before going to school.

The kitchen
Corner spices. Often too long you keep our spices. You should know that there is yet an expiration date to comply with; seeds last about a year and dried herbs from three to six months. To be able to manage our products, do by labeling by including the date of purchase and the product name on the bottle or bag.

How to store pots
Never store pots, cast iron stoves and stoves into each other without protecting them because they can be scratched.

For pots, simply put coffee filters between.

For stoves, separate each one by the paper towel.

Separate cast iron pans with paper plates. Since many people protect their cast iron stoves with oil, paper towel to absorb.

Tips For Facing Spring

For bulk foods
If you regularly buy food in bulk, use Mason jars that take up little space (compared to boxes of all sizes). It is an ideal storage for nuts, teas, rice with boxes and bags can be opened and spread into the pantry. Not only are these pots they have a big mouth for easy refilling dry goods, but they are also transparent. you can see from the first glance if parsley or flour.

To differentiate herbs, cereals and sugar salt, labels are in order. Identical and uniform, these pots offer an organized look unlike disparate pots several manufacturers. They are hermetic and allow better preserve food.

Covered fridges paperwork
Fridges without paper when you have a family, it is almost impossible, but you can limit the damage by better organizing the various documents that invade the refrigerator door. Everyone knows the magnetized metal clips. Keep one and label it with a note "to do" if you like. Hang in there all the papers, invitation cards, invoices and other various forms depending on the dates: the most recent to the most remote and in time behind. This clamp will prevent your calendar and your purse overflow unnecessarily. You only have to take each day the documents concerning the next 24 hours.

You add on your fridge a list of all the important phone numbers, including your own, so you have access to it quickly, but also for anyone keeping children has access.

Children's rooms
How to store soft toys: An easy trick: we use wall shoe pockets that can hold on to a door, and there lays a fluff or more in each niche. The result is attractive and the child will have no trouble putting away his doggies!

Another idea is to hang a clothesline between two walls and hang in there with clothespins, colored fluff.

There are also fun shower curtains fitted with heart-shaped pockets that can be used to organize various small toys. You can also make yourself what kind of storage by installing pieces of fabric fun shape on a large drapery.

Keepsake boxes for each child
Most families are mired by the various "memories" of children. It is normal that there are anxious because these objects represent the stages of life of their offspring. Drawings, writing books and first doggies are often kept here and there in the house and take up space unnecessarily. To remedy this problem, do A memory box for each of your children.

The drawings
A good way to protect their designs while storing them is to get cardboard tubes that are used for shipments. Roll the drawings and then tie them with a ribbon (avoid the elastic in the long run, it decays and sticks in the drawing). Label the tube by entering the year when the drawings were made and the name of your child. You just have to put them artistic projects in a safe place!

The bathroom
Grouping items by subject. It's simple and important to group objects in the bathroom. Just buy baskets of various sizes and any separate by theme (first aid, hair products, makeup, creams, etc.). Then you put everything in theme baskets.

The benefits of consolidation:
1. It is easy to view your inventory.
2. It's easier to take things to the back without having to move.
3. Faster access to your belongings, which is especially reassuring when seeking the first aid kit!

How to organize cosmetics
First, before organizing it is important to do a tour of our cosmetics to ensure they are still good, they respect the expiry dates. The art store cosmetics beauty is that they are easily identifiable. For that, you can use different things:

1. There are cosmetic display the kind organizers. They allow you to store lipsticks, bottles, brushes and pencils. Since they are generally nice, they can be left on view.
2. For inside the drawers, you can use dividers that fit into each other.
3. Some decorative glass can also do the trick! By; Violaine Dompierre from Canal Vie
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