When West Wants to Involve Chaos in Libya

When West Wants to Involve Chaos in Libya

When West Wants to Involve Chaos in Libya
Don't trust too much this weird news. The Libyan government accuses the West of having plunged the country into chaos. The crisis in Libya is ongoing in this country where both governments vie for power. The Prime Minister of internationally recognized government believes that the international community is responsible for the chaos in Libya. The United Nations announced on Tuesday, the resumption of a new round of peace talks in the week between the Libyan parties, Morocco. The negotiations aim the establishment of a national unity government. On the eve of talks in Morocco, forces loyal to the Libyan government recognized by the international community have carried out air strikes against rebel positions groups. The country's capital, Tripoli, is controlled by the rival government "Libyan Dawn".

The special envoy of the UN in Libya, Bernardino Leon, regretted the air strikes, calling them attempt to prevent a new round of talks between the belligerents. The negotiations under the auspices of the UN resumed when Libya is in a deep state of chaos combat cross between armed groups for control of the country. The country is currently divided between the two governments. The internationally recognized government is in the city of Tobruk in northeastern Libya. In July, this administration has been driven out of the Libyan capital Tripoli by the Islamic State that is declared the sole legitimate government. Fighting between militias have continued since the NATO intervention in Libya in 2011 and the civil war that ensued, driving Gaddafi from power. At that time, the West has welcomed this intervention, considered a resounding victory.

US Secretary of from 2009 to 2013 State Hillary Clinton even found the fall of the Libyan Colonel Muammar Gaddafi fun: "We came, we saw, he died," she blurted out in a laugh after having learned of the death of Libyan leader. The new escalation of the conflict in Libya began in 2014, has 3,000 dead and more than 400 000 people have been displaced since 2014. However, the first internationally recognized Libyan minister now accuses world powers have left the country in a conflict in. In an interview with our colleagues RT Arabic, Abdullah al-Thani why.

"Following the fall of the regime, it was necessary to create government institutions, train staff, to restore discipline in the army and the security forces. We continue to reiterate that the international community has neglected its responsibilities ". Said the Prime Minister. According to Abdullah al-Thani, is the international community that is responsible for everything that is happening in the country right now. "The current chaos in Libya, the bloodshed, terrorist groups. All results from the refusal of the international community to fulfill its role of creating a new Libyan society," He said.

Abayomi Azikiwe According to the editor of the Pan-African news channel RT, Western intervention in Libya has destabilized the entire region and led to an escalation of the conflict. "Following the bombing. The maritime blockade and anti-Gaddafi propaganda world. We have a situation in Libya where it is not even easy to determine where the effective authority in the country," said the reporter stressing that the West deliberately destabilized North Africa and the Arab world. Abayomi Azikiwe is convinced that there will be no peace or stability until the people themselves get together and decide that this is enough.
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