Which E-mail Services Are Safe?

Which E-mail Services Are Safe?

If you value your privacy, should reconsider its e-mail service policy. Many people use free e-mail accounts of the major providers like Yahoo and Gmail. The Foundation Wait test has reviewed 14 such services, or on data protection. Million of emails sent in every internet user average per day. And even if it where one, or other will be less secure. The daily life this kind of communication has become indispensable, especially when it comes to mail attachments or to make operational arrangements. There are so many users use the free e-mail accounts of the major providers like Yahoo mal and Gmail. In return for the use they accept advertising or the fact that the provider recycled, supplied from the input data, customer profiles. The Foundation Wait test has 14 services, among other things checked out how to protect their customers' data.

Which E-mail Services Are Safe?
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Customer data almost always applicable
The result: Only the relatively new entrant Mailbox.org and Posteo raise little or no customer data. The Mailbox.org is also the only email provider services that stores the emails of its customers not as clear text. But Mailbox.org also encrypted them. Both services is cost for 1 € per month.

GMX mail service and Web.de offer both a free service and a paid service also. The GMX ProMail, for example, costs for € 2.99. Even with cost and not free but the user receives feel for more comfort, Other side but no better data protection. So total GMX-section view of the backup still from as recommended.

Initiative "E-mail Made Especially in Europe". Members of the "E-mail Made in Germany" initiative to show their customers before send the emails. If the message is transmitted, encrypted and stored in accordance with German data protection. If in this is the case. A green check mark appears when typing the e-mail address. So the initiative features contributions by the company 1 & 1, Freenet, GMX, Telekom and Web.de. However, if you use email service for AOL, Gmail, or Yahoo Outlook.com that they accepts for American law. Then after that US companies are obliged to return all data to authorities. Regardless of where the server is located.
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