Android Apps for your mobile device hardware test

Android Apps for your mobile device hardware test

Android Apps Hardware Test
GARBAGE NEWS. So an Android smartphone or tablet is a highly complex and highly integrated minicomputer. But what is really behind it? Which processor? And how fast it is clocked? Could it be that the GPS, a sensor, the battery is defective or an interface? With the following, free apps you illuminate your Android mobile device.

Android Apps Hardware Test
Anyone who uses an Android mobile device, takes high-tech in the hand. But as a smart phone or tablet is essentially a "black box", in terms of equipment with components, sensors and interfaces. In order to see through the hardware better, the following free apps offer.

1. CPU-Z: The Windows-classic now available for Android
Hardware-savvy PC users is for many years the Windows tool "CPU-Z" announced that there are now also available for Android. CPU-Z is a really useful information tool, which displays information about device make and model, the graphics (GPU, resolution, timing) and storage facilities (RAM). In addition, information on the system architecture and the memory speed (speed and multiplier).

Of interest is the display of active CPU cores, as long as the unit is equipped with a dual- or multi-core CPU. Also useful are the details of the battery, which include temperature and voltage in addition to the current status and the state of charge. So it is easier to get a worn battery on the track.
Of particular interest is a failure occurs, the menu "sensor". Here you not only get an excellent overview of the sensors phalanx of your mobile device, but can also assess if the relevant sensor is working correctly using the current values.

Advantage for operation of CPU-Z for Android: The app runs despite the hardware related analysis on all devices, so it will not require any special rights and a fortiori, the device must not be rooted. You can reach the installation of the app at this direct link in the Google Play Store.

2. AnTuTu Benchmark - how fast your Android really is?
How fast your smartphone is really? Two devices compare in this regard, the AnTuTu benchmark is the ideal app. This is first of all to a typical hardware analysis app in which you will learn many useful details about the device, including processor type and -takt, the display resolution, also on SD card (if installed), Screen and WLAN / WiFi.

It gets really exciting but the actual speed test. The tool performs tests in which the performance of CPU, GPU (graphics processing unit), memory (RAM speed), multi-tasking performance and the Android operating system will be checked for complex arithmetic operations. For a direct comparison with other smartphones, the result is then summarized into a points ranking. Also interesting is the multi-touch test, in which your touch points are visualized and the maximum number is displayed on the screen. The "Dead Pixel Test" checks whether everything is with the touch screen in order.

For the battery, a special battery test is available. Run the phone to for several hours. A calculated "wear points" from the consumption of battery power. The only catch: In order for the battery test is conclusive, it may take up to 5 hours. You can reach the installation of the app at this direct link in the Google Play Store.

3. GPS Test - feel the position of service
Use the navigation and localization features one of the most practical applications on an Android mobile device. Even more upsetting is when an application requires no synchronization with the GPS hinbekommt (Global Positioning System) is. Then it's time for the use of the "GPS Test app for Android." This is a utility that read the GPS sensor and GPS data, view and can evaluate. The app organizes the data into five menus:

Your current speed, location and elevation is reported as text information. The GPS signal bar graph (SNR) shows the signal strength for each satellite, as well as the accuracy and status of the GPS. The satellites will be listed on a rotating compass (Skyview). Your current location on Earth is shown on a world map. The current position of the sun and the day / night transition curve is also shown. Calculated are the sunrises and sunset times in your location via GPS reported.

With GPS test you get a defective functioning GPS sensor well on the track as apps that read and process these values ​​inadequate or inaccurate. You can reach the installation of the GPS Test app at this direct link in the Google Play Store.
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