Android Apps help people with allergies and hay fever

Android Apps help people with allergies and hay fever

Android Apps help people with allergies and hay fever
GARBAGE NEWS. There's something in the air! Pollen allergies and hay fever-infested make but difficult to create. In addition to all kinds of nose and eye drops or allergy tablets, also an Android smartphone can be a helper in the fight against hay fever. The presented "hay fever Apps" are free and help to control the daily discomfort and alleviate.

Android Apps hay fever
It is green and blooming, and the spring breeze spread the allergenic pollen cross-country. While most people look when in early summer nature awakens to life, this time of year is connected for Pollenallergiker with constant sneezing, itchy throat and watery eyes. For many allergy sufferers each spring is therefore a challenge. For owners of Android smartphones there but at least by free apps the opportunity to establish a personal Pollen warning service and seek advice to drug treatment. The following apps and allergies and hay fever sufferers come a bit easier by the flourishing nature.

1. Pollen warning Tempo & OTRIVEN
The pollen warning "Tempo & OTRIVEN" the coma AG is your personal Pollen warning service, which in some respects different from other similar apps. The most important difference: The app provides a 3-day forecast for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (D / A / CH), making it ideal for leisure travel in question.

The used weather data are from the famous portal Weather "Weather online". The updating of data is done every three hours, so it has a very high level. You put in your profile that before which allergenic troublemakers you want to be warned, warning you will receive automatically and in good time by push notification if desired. Also useful are the pollen of customizable alarm for 14 different allergens and pollen diary with monthly and annual summary. The free app requires Android version 2.2 as a base. The current version can be reached at this link on the Google Play Store.

2. Husteblume the Techniker Krankenkasse
Allergy can be the first to predict the personal pollen with the new smartphone app "Husteblume" and let give advice to drug treatment. The new program of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) indicates not only the pollen count in the air, but is calculated with a complex process and how much of their own body reacts to it and when the time for example, early use of medication is given.

Users need to collect five days their allergy symptoms and possibly medication taken in the app. With the information provided by the allergic person, the externally supplied via the Internet information on the local pollen count and on the basis of weather data, the system predicts the expected symptoms for the current and the next two days. Physicians and patients can view the recorded symptoms in a diary. It compares the app's personal discomfort with the density of certain pollen in the air. The individual treatment indications for users comply with current medical guidelines and contain information on recommended depending on disease severity therapy.

The TK-Allergy App "Husteblume" runs on Android mobile devices from version 4.0. For more information about the app and the installation link you reach the Google Play store.

3. pollen forecast of Hexal AG
This app, which is offered by the Hexal AG, has been enhanced in the current version with additional functions. Updated daily and locally precisely provides information about 14 allergy-causing plants. The data is updated three times a day. Who is always on the move, simply activate the location detection via GPS and can thus automatically determine his whereabouts. Or the user is a unique person, the most important for him and his postal codes allergenic plants and then receives its individual pollen forecast.

If you want to get a quick overview of the regional differences, which uses the map for Germany or - with even more details - for the individual states. Included is the pollen forecast for 3 days and a year-pollen calendar. Useful for planning is also the Germany-trend that predicts how the current pollen evolved. The app provides a push notification that alerts you precisely when the pollen be predicted to which you are allergic. The updating of the data is carried out up to three times a day. The app is supplemented by information on allergenic plants and an allergy-self-test. The app requires Android version 2.3., Is within walking distance pollen forecast in Google Play Store.
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