Anonymity; good for the conscience, bad for business?

Anonymity; good for the conscience, bad for business?

Anonymous; good for the conscience, bad for business?
People aged 50 and over do not bring more power, young women can get pregnant, certain groups of people reject the application process from the outset. Candidates who better fit into the operation image, have a better chance. An anonymous application gives all candidates equal opportunities set. However, the advantages and disadvantages for applicants as well as for the company arise.

Anonymous applications
The anonymous application for "faceless" candidates. The basic contents of a complete application file is one of the curriculum vitae. Name, date of birth, age and marital status as well as other personal information. Even the Bewerbungsfoto omitted. The impersonal design of this letter is to create the application process equal opportunities for people, for example, of all religions and ages.

Who gets submitted such a wallet, will have to evaluate on the basis of information given to cases without prejudice. Anonymous applications require no special formatting, as the CV remains in its subdivision. Only the personal data will not be introduced. Similarly, no specific conditions have to be fulfilled, as each job seeker may submit this type of application. Of course, anonymity is no guarantee that you get the desired location. Also an advantage over other candidates is not necessarily given. However, recipients of the letter go without bias in the application process and have to evaluate on the basis of existing data.

Advantages and disadvantages for the company
Put yourself in the position of the receiver, you will notice, this takes the job with mixed feelings. On one hand, the job seeker does not fall only because of the image or other "inappropriate" information through the cracks. Anonymous applications contain other hand, only the most essential information, which the employer may provide only a slight picture of the prospects located. There are companies, which consist exclusively of young employees and designate themselves for example as "dynamic".

Use anonymous applications for yourself you must expect to receive a rejection, even after positive initial selection after. Impersonal application documents are therefore not appropriate in companies which are looking for a specific group of people for the company. Finally, it is not possible to create an accurate picture for the prospects. Otherwise, the choice of suitable candidates is easier, as only the skills and knowledge of the candidate are important.

Anonymous applications from the perspective of the job seeker
Send such a letter is sharing not immediately everything personal. There are only their professional experience and qualifications. This is a point which may affect vorteilig. In addition, you get the chance to prove themselves in job interviews and to appear there in your facets. You may already have brought to the discussion a stage behind him, which would not have existed without anonymous applications.
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