Can employees be committed to use social media?

Can employees be committed to use social media?

Can employees be committed to use social media?
The social media are out of our lives for a long time here to stay. Everywhere they follow us, be it at home or even at work. Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have become important to us in all walks of life and help to maintain contact with the outside world, to friends, colleagues or even with other companies.

Using of social media. Can employees be committed to use of social media in the enterprise? Long are on Facebook and Twitter is no longer just "chatting" and a few nice pictures exchanged. There transactions are initiated and established contacts with other companies. Hardly any company can now even afford not to be represented in social media. Therefore, it is for the managements also extremely important that employees follow suit and the company represented gracefully on the Internet.

But what can and must require the employer? Can the use of social media are part of the job description? The company's management determines what is done. As an employee you have legally little chance to escape the statement of the management. However, this refers only to the workplace. The company would like the use of social media and on various platforms to be represented, then you have as an employee acting in the interests of the company there too. This means that the Company's profile needs to be maintained, incorporated contributions and requests must be answered. Depending on which work order was granted and to what extent it is responsible for the appearance in the networks.

What do you do, however, privately, the company is none. It can, so do not commit themselves to act in the private sector for the company in the social networks or to pursue the use of social media. For private and work are still strictly separated.

Finding a happy medium. Now, however, there is no point completely on to turn stubborn and to take the confrontational approach with regard to the use of social media. The short end always pulls the worker who therefore might even lose his job at the end, or is placed in a different area, which is less well paid and holds less exciting tasks. If you look at - whether as an employee or as a private person - leads one directly aware of how important social media are, what is the scope and what have these so that everything can be achieved, then you can also open to the idea, there is active to become. And if you have a good employer, it should be no problem, these specify profile and private Facebook.
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