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Car Insurance

Car Insurance
Car Insurance often change? Missed period of notice? For many motorists has also after 30 November the chance to change the car insurance. Because often the insured a special right of termination. November 30 is generally considered to date for the termination of the vehicle insurance. This date is related to that car insurance is always the end of a policy year (in most contracts is that of 31 December) may be terminated, and the time limit amounts to one month. What many car owners do not know: In addition to the possibility of terminating the expiry of the insurance year insured can also take a special right to give notice under certain conditions. And the deadline for such a special right of termination expires in many cases only after the 30th of November. Here we explain the circumstances under which there is a special right, and the deadlines.

Cancellation due to increase in contributions
A special right of termination as if the insurance increases the posts, without at the same time the extent of the insurance benefit is extended. May be terminated at the time at which the premium increase is to take effect. The deadline for cancellation is one month upon receipt of the notification. Caution: The insurance will ship to no separate letter - the increase in contributions is rather clear from the annual fee invoice, which is usually shipped during November or December. Look at your bill carefully and compare the contributions payable with the invoice from the previous year. Have increased at a part of your contract (ie liability or collision) contributions, you may cancel the entire contract. The special right of termination also applies if the premium increase is due to a change in the regional class or type of class of vehicle. Both should be stated on the premium invoice. Anyone who wants to advance even an overview: In the gallery below, we have put together the changes in the type classes for the 50 mostly-legal vehicle types.

Insurance comparison
In some cases, an increase in the fee structure by an improvement in the claims category (SF class) is obscured. For the SF-Class or the no-claims bonus granted increases within certain limits with each passing year without reported damage. The improvement in the SF class offsets the increase in contributions from virtually. Whether a hidden increase in contributions exists, it acknowledges the contribution to the bill (often on the back) given Comparative contribution. This amount is charged with the new SF-class, but without the contribution change. If the comparison is less than the contribution actually paid contribution, the insured person may also terminate. No special right of termination on the other hand, when the increase in contributions resulting from a demotion to the SF-Class to damage. And: Increases to the contribution because the insured person has come in a less favorable regional class because of a move, there is no right of termination.

Car Insurance Sample termination: 
Termination after a claim or vehicle change. In case of damage, the insured may terminate the contract within one month of completion of the processing of the damage. Often, the insurance is terminated as fact that the person is downgraded after an accident in a less favorable claims category. In such a case, it may be worthwhile to seek a comparison calculator for other tariffs, which are under the changed conditions (new SF class) cheaper overall.

Even in a vehicle can change an insured car insurance terminate without notice. He logs off and a new one be insured car, he can use the special termination right. But be careful: When selling a still-pending vehicle, the situation is different. The insurance is then automatically transferred to the buyer of the vehicle. This can then terminate within one month car insurance.

Pay in lieu of notice on formalities
Who wants to play it safe, send the notice as always, return receipt requested - even if redemption by fax or e-mail, according to terms and conditions of the insurance company would be possible. In case of any discrepancies in the evidence is always possible that the notice has been sent in due time and has reached the recipient. Important when special right: Take in the letter of termination explicit reference to the reason for the termination (for example: special right of termination due to increase in contributions). Otherwise, the insurance refuse a termination after 30 November.
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