Car stolen with keys in it

Car stolen with keys in it

Car stolen with keys in it
GARBAGE NEWS. This is done when the car key is gone. The door slams shut, the key is inserted. Especially in older models, motorists lock out easily.  Hectic Search in pockets Where's the car keys? Particularly badly it is when you have locked yourself out. But even if the key has been stolen or lost, motorists are often at a loss. Here's what to do.

Step One: If the car keys lost or stolen, the damage insurance must be informed as soon as possible. The best writing! If in the meantime the car stolen, the insured must explain where the keys are, or how they got lost. However: Only if the insurance has serious doubts about the credibility of the robbed, they may refuse to pay.

Accidentally or negligence?
Even if the insurance company considers the car as stolen, it can lead to a reduction of the claim. Namely, when the policyholder has acted with gross negligence. In one case, a car owner 25 percent of benefits were reduced because he parked his car in front of a sports hall and the car key was lying in the hall. An insured were even canceled 50 percent, as they had taken the car keys in the uncompleted lounge during their night shift in the retirement home.

The police should be switched on when the key theft. Is the key "only" lost, the transition is not necessary for the police.

Car stolen with keys in it
Apply new key
Not only! Who is trying to open his car with a screwdriver, especially nasty scratches will leave.

Next step: a new key must be ordered on the franchised dealer there. Important: bring your ID card and vehicle registration certificate or registration certificate. Depending on the manufacturer, it may take a few days to spare there is.

In the new key then the vehicle electronics will be adjusted in the workshop. This is also the second key is usually required, because he is being reprogrammed. The costs can amount to several hundred euros.

Vulnerability trunk
The Classic: The car has already been completed, one is looking for a quick bite in the open trunk, puts the keys from, close the cover - locked.

Sometimes you do indeed exactly where the key is, unfortunately, one can not approach him. The car is locked, the key still inside the car. Especially in older vehicles with mechanical keys, drivers rule out repeatedly. Modern technology on the other hand takes in key protection. Even with a central locking system, it is quite difficult, the car to be closed so that the key inside and the driver is out. A vulnerability remains: the trunk. Who closes the car, as long as the tailgate is still open and after loading or unloading the lid closes, and notes that the key lies in the boot, has left behind.

Car stolen with keys in it
Call roadside assistance
Only in really old cars, the Excluded with a piece of wire through the door joint attempt to open the knobs from the inside. All others must contact the breakdown service.

However, you should generally not fear ruptured discs. The experts provide mostly to open the car with levers and wires. Who is a member of an automobile club, pays nothing in the rule. For all others, it can be expensive because the insurance does not pay normally.

Keyless is the future
At BMW there are already several models in which no ignition is required. The car starts by pushing a button. In cars with so-called keyless, so keyless entry systems that work exclusively with radio, the lock-out is impossible. Instead of a key, the driver has only one transmitter, which he leaves in his pocket. To close the car, the owner must first press a button. By itself, the system does not lock the doors.

Emergency always there
Most keys have a remote control to open the car and close. But even with them you can lock yourself out. Each car has a mechanical emergency lock somewhere, can be unlocked with the at least one door. Therefore, the most supplied emergency belongs not in the car, or on the keychain, but in the wallet, and should always be carried.

If the emergency key is not present at a used car, it can be produced from each Locksmiths. Although this allows not driving, but opens the door or the trunk - and the driver can at his key inside. The emergency key should never be hidden on the vehicle itself: Even thieves know the usual hiding places and the insurance appeals in doubt to gross negligence. It may not always be the key that makes problems. Here is what you need to consider in case of breakdown.
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