DIY PROJECTOR FOR SMART PHONES A projector in retro style for your smartphone without wires or batteries. Den you rely on in no time and then are able to offer the finest your friends a holiday slideshow. Or how about with a collection of your favorite YouTube videos? When you sit on the couch several friends, and the rigid all only on their own smartphone, instead of her together what looks? For such moments we have an ingenious solution that allows you too can make your technical skills to the test: the DIY-projector

The box consists of several parts and a lens that you can transform all alone in an analog projector with some glue. And with which you can entertain with funny cat videos all rooms without any of this have to look over your shoulder to the other.

This may sound too good to be true? The opinion we were until we opened the package and losgelegt. After about an hour the glue had dried, and the projector was ready for the idea. And for that, you just open the back a flap, fastened his smartphone to an adherent rubber surface and the valve closes again. Everything is displayed on the phone's display can be projected onto most surfaces white, unless in a darkened room.

Someone complains in the room loudly over a blurry image? Then you put the image simply sharply over the lens. Compared to an expensive digital projector you win with this picture quality while not Oscar, but the one can not build itself. In addition, the DIY-projector is much better than Deco (or DVD support!) On the shelf.

Product features DIY Projector for smart phones:
Projector for Smartphone
It consists of cardboard
Lens made of glass (from sunlight)
To tinkering (takes about 1 hour)
Recommended distance from the screen: 1-2 meters
For use in darkened rooms
With opening for the phone charger
Dimensions: 17.5 x 16.5 x 10.5 cm
Suitable for phones with dimensions of 14.5 x 8 cm or less
Scope of supply:
Kit made of cardboard
The glue you need you unfortunately get himself
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