Effects of cannabis use among teenagers

Effects of cannabis use among teenagers

Effects of cannabis use among teenagers
GARBAGENEWS. Despite awareness raising many young people tend to numb problems using drugs or test them want to. In addition to alcohol and drugs, which are relatively readily available, the Kiffen cannabis is back in vogue. However, the regular use of this drug can lead to serious mental disorders.

Cannabiskonsum_Jugendliche. Regular use of cannabis can cause severe psychosis in adolescents, associated with hallucinations. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to addictive products. Since many of them in this age of stress at school, have with their parents or with the first love, do not try a few to numb their problems with drugs. As in puberty new neural networks in the brain occur, young people can not always logical react and deal sensibly with risks.

In addition, many like to rebel against existing rules and want to test their limits. This includes among other things, trying out different drugs. Cannabis seems to be popular again, because the consumption has risen considerably in the past two decades. In the case of cannabis, however, this can be fatal.

Regular use of cannabis causes psychosis
Regular use can just among young people lead to mental disorders. For years, they will be followed by psychosis, depression, hallucinations and fears. Suffer the entire social life and the prospect of a successful education.

The substance contained in cannabis and triggers severe mental disorders, is called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). If you frequently consumed, preventing the healthy development of the brain. Since mature neurons in the brain up to 25 years, adolescents and young adults are particularly vulnerable to mental disorders.

Cannabis prevents a healthy brain development
In addition, it may lead to incorrect connections of nerve cells. Some compounds do not occur. Particularly affected is the feeling center, located in the amygdala of the brain. If this region affected by the drug, the person concerned can not regulate his emotions. He oscillates between fear and aggression, without being able to establish a psychological balance. This proved an Australian study.

Cannabis is stronger in adolescents
Cannabis is today so grown that the content of tetrahydrocannabinol from about 5 is increased to 20 percent. When use of the drug is more dopamine secreted by the messenger substance, which initially triggers relaxation feelings. Later, it may cause hallucination. In adults Cannabis affects nowhere near as intense as in adolescents and young adults.

While in the elderly an occasional joint hardly has negative consequences, it is directed at young people in massive damage. Many affected young people spend years in a hospital until they can live a halfway normal life. Tricky is that mental disorders are not immediately visible, but develop over a number of years.

Concentration and thought processes are disturbed
First, problems with thinking and concentration become noticeable. Language and Speech follow. The perception is changing, so that the reality can no longer be adequately processed. If the person concerned for several years Cannabis, breaks after about three to four years from a psychosis.

Psychoses make by hallucinations like hearing voices and paranoia felt. The voices try the person concerned to convey that he is in danger. The relationship of trust with your family or friends can be disturbed because the person believes that this evil want them.

Psychosis can be cured
The good news is that the chances of recovery from psychosis are quite large by cannabis use. It is necessary, of course, that the person concerned ceases to smoke pot. After a stay in the hospital, the treatment can then be continued on an outpatient basis. Damage caused in the brain, however, can not be repaired, so that those affected will have more difficulty in concentrating and in thinking as healthy young people. Conclusion: Kiffen is not cool, but makes you stupid. Problems should not be stunned by drugs, but addressed constructively.
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