Fast and perfect writing with the iPhone and iOS 5

Fast and perfect writing with the iPhone and iOS 5

Fast and perfect writing with the iPhone and iOS 5
The iPhone has a very good touch screen keyboard, but the keys are much smaller than most fingers; the error correction does not always work for, but also more often against you and to enter special characters, special characters and symbols is an art in itself. How do you write from now faster with your iPhone, while producing perfect texts, refer to this article.

iPhone iOS 5 write quickly, Fast and perfect writing with the iPhone and iOS 5
These faults you identify texts that have been created with the iPhone. Apple writes emails marked "Sent from my iPhone", but an excuse for defective upper / lower case, lack of umlauts and punctuation and incorrect spelling is not. Consider the effect on the reader of your texts, because not everyone accepted written without commas emails with a loud lowercase, numerous letter-moving and sometimes seemingly senseless words in the text that have been inserted by the "error correction". Although the iPhone complicated by the small keys on the onscreen keyboard correct writing, often wrong preselection of capitalization and the lack of umlauts on the keyboard do the rest, but if you know a few tricks, you can make your fast and error-free typing on the iPhone improve.

The 10 tips that will help you type faster and error-free immediately
All you need is to consider the following tips and apply them consistently. Not all can be in your iPhone implement because Tip 8 requires an iPhone 4s and the shortcuts from Tip 5 You must have your iPhone updated to iOS 5.

However, there are alternatives like the free app "Dragon Dictation" as a substitute for Siri or the app "Quick Text" as a substitute for the shortcuts of iOS 5. This is also important because the tips here can also be for an older iPhone Touch use that allows an update to iOS 5, as well as for the iPhone 4, in which you had to make do without Siri so far.

Generate umlauts and sharp s (ß) and accented letters on the iPhone: Tip 1
Even iPhone owners that use their smartphone for months, the trick does not know, how can generate the umlauts and sharp s (ä, ö, ü and ß). As a result, the texts with ae instead ä, ö instead ö, ü ü held and SS are written instead of ß. This requires not only getting more and an input power in emails not look good, it also leads to incorrect spellings in the contacts.

It is so simple: Keep the a, o, u or s pressed for about 2 seconds button and it will appear the question umlauts and accented letters as A or A. Select the desired letter with the button pressed, drag your finger there and then release.

Tip 2: Check the settings for the keyboard
Very annoying when entering text with an iPhone can be auto-capitalization, which very frequently goes wrong in uppercase. Likewise, it is also annoying, not deselect correct spelling suggestions.
Bother these automatic, because they save less time than they cost, you should just disable on "Settings", "General" and "keyboard" this. Turn there "Auto-Capitalization" and possibly "auto-correction" to 0.

Tip 3: point set without enter a character
A very time-saving feature in the settings for the keyboard "." - Shortcut. Therefore, check whether it is enabled. Because then you need soon only the spacebar twice to press if a dot is to appear in a text. Get used to this on, because you save though any buttons, however, you must not move your finger from the space key to the key with the point and that is a significant relief.

Tip # 4: Using the magnifying glass for the corrections
It comes through the small buttons on the touch screen keyboard of the iPhone inevitable errors, as well as by automatic correction or speech recognition described later in Tip 9. In memories and appointments so you can maybe live in emails you should correct such errors necessarily.

But the relatively small screen of the iPhone makes it not easy to move the text cursor to the correction to the right place in the text. Therefore, many users quickly give up in frustration, delete the underlying text and rewrite everything. But that takes too much time. The faster way is through the zoom function: Press with your finger for about one second on any part of the input field. Once the magnifier appears, move it with pressed his fingers over the text until the blue cursor is in the right place. From there, take then targeted the correction.

Tip # 5: Save time by copying and pasting, and Shortcuts
Writing with the small touch screen keyboard still requires some practice even at his time, so you should avoid inputs as much as possible. Longer words and generally the same, recurring parts of the text you copy therefore better.

For this, place your finger on an area of ​​the copied text to "Select | All | inserting" appears. Then tap "Select" and a blue rectangle with two marking points placed over the text. Drag the marker by using the points on the text part and select "Copy".

Then you move your finger to the end of the text and select "Paste". The copied text is inserted here and you can add him or make corrections to it. This method also helps in correcting longer words. Here copying is often faster than the error correction. Another form of copying combined with the automatic replacement of the iOS available shortcuts that you create "Add shortcuts" on "Settings", "General" and. You need then, for example, instead of "Dear Sir or Madam," only SGDH enter your iPhone and then displays each occurrence of this string as automatically correcting the proposal that you have created text module on.

Tip 6: quickly enter numbers and symbols, Greek letters for mathematical formulas, emoticons and other symbols
Entering numbers appear intuitive, because it is a button with "123" on the touch-screen keyboard is available. What is less intuitive that you should not let go of the button for selecting numbers. Hold the button down and drag rather the finger to the desired digit, so save yourself the subsequent switching back to the letter keyboard. This technique is also termed "wipe".

With the key "123" can be reached on the iPhone keyboard in addition to the digits and hyphen, slash, colon, the parentheses, the Euro symbol (€), the ampersand (&), quotation marks, the point, the comma and the exclamation point , Other special characters are you about the key "# + =" as is pointed, brackets and braces. You can also restore the htechnik apply.

For mathematical formulas and some specialized texts Greek uppercase or lowercase letters are as alpha (α), beta (β), delta (Δ), Omega (Ω) or Sigma (Σ) requires that you get not offered through the special character keys. For this, you should also set the Greek keyboard.

Then select "Settings", "General", "keyboard" and "International Keyboards". About "keyboard hinzüfügen" then select "Greek". To select the Greek character, tap the touch screen keyboard on the button with the globe and select the Greek keyboard.

You can also enhance significantly with emoticons and other symbols your texts. How to set up the symbols and emoticons with iOS 4 and iOS 5 and what you should note, that the receiver does not receive characters salad, refer to the article "iPad: express feelings with emoticons", apply the instructions for the iPhone.

Tip # 7: The "double click" on the world-button leads to your most important symbols
Similarly, hidden like the way to the umlauts is needed the most commonly symbols. It leads by double tapping on the world icon that can be found on the button next to "spaces". You will not see the usual selection of international keyboard perhaps but the field "Last Used" with the last and most frequently used symbols. You must enable the Emoji international keyboard.

Tip 8: Dictate all longer texts and correct them if necessary
Apple has introduced the iPhone 4S virtual assistant Siri, which allows among other things, dictating texts. This works despite beta already considerable good. If errors occur, you dictate either new or correct over the magnifying glass (Tip 4). The main advantage is the enormous time savings, not for nothing that doctors and lawyers dictate their texts instead of their own works in the keys.

Siri is available for dictations everywhere available where in the touchscreen keyboard button with a microphone icon is displayed next to the "space" key. You can dictate with Siri notes, reminders, emails, iMessages and other articles.

If you have an iPhone 4S, using alternatively the free Dragon Dictation app. The text is then inserted into notes and you need to transfer it by copying in the app of your choice. The time required for this, however, is only worthwhile for longer texts, Siri is there much more flexible.

With longer texts use the Bluetooth keyboard: Tip 9
For longer texts, the input via Bluetooth keyboard is recommended. In order to write faster and safer than with the touch screen input in any case. Bluetooth keyboards are available from around 20 euros, but the highly recommended Apple Wireless Keyboard with 69 Euro are considerably more expensive, but very stable aluminum and the buttons allow a precise writing.

There are also mini-keyboards and special iPhone keyboards at prices from 30 to 50 euros. The iPhone 4 keyboard of Keymate can be tucked under the iPhone and then pull out as needed even as Slider. With Mini-keyboards save space and weight, which makes the small keys located for sometimes little better than write on the touch screen. The author recommends a "real" keyboard, even if it is not so handy.

The tying of the keyboard via "Settings", "General" and "Bluetooth". Turn on the keyboard, so that they appear under "Devices" and select the entry, such as "Apple Wireless Keyboard" from. Enter the four digits displayed on the Bluetooth keyboard and press Enter. The keyboard is now connected and ready for text entry.

Tip 10: Fast switching between Bluetooth-keyboard and touch screen keyboard
As long as the Bluetooth keyboard is logged in the touch screen keyboard will no longer appear automatically when you select an input field. However, the touch-screen keyboard is used to switch to a different country and keyboard selection of characters and symbols needed that are not available on the Bluetooth keyboard. But there is a simple trick how to change the iPhone between the connected Bluetooth keyboard and the touch screen keyboard, without having to disconnect every time the connection with the Bluetooth keyboard.

Press to the eject button that is used on the Mac to open the CD or DVD drive. By eject button, the touch-screen keyboard is displayed or hidden with pressure again, again with the iPhone. The eject button is marked with an upward pointing triangle above a horizontal line and on the Apple Wireless Keyboard to find the right over the Backspace key (Backspace).

Note: While the touch screen keyboard is displayed, but can continue to enter text via the Bluetooth keyboard.
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