First steps for your dog callback Training

First steps for your dog callback Training

First steps for your dog callback Training
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GARBAGE NEWS. Is there anything better than a dog you can get out of any situation and the love comes to you when you call him? Wonderful and unfortunately rare. Of course there are those natural talents who always want to offer all on its own and liked by all races throughout. Find out here how to get started the recall training should look like.

Recall Training
Of course the dogs that "here" or feel a "Come", "Heel" maximum sentence and make through the detour, they run to obey is pinched tail or complete denial even visible to everyone. Many dog ​​owners give (prematurely) when the training of the call "Come" is not working. Take the pressure of your dog and yourself but a little out and participate in the recall training game. This brings you and your dog back the fun and you reach your goal faster than in the same old way. It introduces you to the next item games, the clear focus on the ultimate goal, "Come", while others serve to increase the anticipation for the invitation.

Remove: Game 1 to recall Training
The most important element is that you pronounce the invitation "Come" at the moment, according to if your dog is already arrived back at you. This is called also train the desired target behavior. Leave to run a real movie in your head, which shows every single scene of the desired behavior. I'll tell you how an image might look like this: your dog moves towards you, flying literally in a sitting position and seek eye contact with you. Other people want their dog runs towards them, beside them stops and touches the hand or einparkt on the left side at knee height. All these are great pictures - and now you are with your picture on it.

Now start to leave your dog in front of him "sitting" make and go one step back. Then give the command "Come" (or whatever your request is), and encourage your dog to follow you. If he follows, ask him to sit on, and when he sits use of this desired behavior an anchor. You can make clickers or strengthen with an extended "Yeah" and a coveted treat a noise.

Practice this target behavior in a barren environment. Usually dogs have understood in just a few short training sessions to mind and progress of this procedure. Now the fun part begins for this recall training game! Once your dog now knows that "come" means to reach out to you and to sit down in front of you, you can vary the exercise.

To do this practice with your dog once the exercise as described above. And then - once you've praised your dog - you rotate by 90 degrees and again say "Come" while you go away a few steps. If your dog as before responding to this new maneuver of the same target behavior, then reward him as before with noises, a drawn-out yes or a treat.

Tip: Do exciting for your dog. Take special treats as a reward, to see in waiting things and give you fun! In the next article we will look at the second part of this recall training - until then is enough time to practice. Have lots of fun with it!
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