FitBit Flex

FitBit Flex

FitBit Flex
Fitbit Flex is a wristband that monitors your steps, calories, running distances and sleep phases and automatically synchronized with your computer or smartphone. See how the five lights flash in succession in the course of a day - and radiate for fulfillment of your daily workload! The modern status symbol par excellence is probably the personal trainer. Anything the big names seem to need one of those. Even if the personal trainer will cost the hour about a thousand euros and you pay him for it, he yells a. If you like it.

Fitbit Flex, however, is like a tiny personal trainer that you attaching them on your wrist. And does not scream. You simply wear it day and night and it measures how many steps you are doing, how far you are moving, how many calories you burn, how many minutes you are active, how many hours you sleep, and even how well you sleep. And all these data is automatically synchronized with your account on or the free app on your smartphone Fitbit and so collected to a remarkable and motivating statistics.

At bracelet sitting five LED lights that offer you all day long an overview of your performance: an LED represents 20% of your self-imposed daily workload. You're on your way from work to home and it lights four LEDs? Then forget the bus, go home on foot and feel how the endorphins are released as soon as the fifth LED lights.

Fitbit Flex is intended for use around the clock. You can use as an alarm clock for him. B.. He vibrates on your wrist, so that your potential partner will not sleep with awakened. Fitbit Flex is to also waterproof, so you take a shower with it (and swimming) can. It has never been so easy to improve his lifestyle!

Product features Fitbit Flex:
Bracelet in two sizes:
Small, 14.0 cm -17.6 cm
Large, 16.1 cm - 20.9 cm
An activity meter, you're wearing on your wrist! It measures your steps, calories, distance, active minutes, sleeping hours and sleeping quality. All this is then synchronized wirelessly and converted to a nice statistic!
Automatic synchronization with the PC, MAC and smartphones. For smartphones Bluetooth 4.0 / Bluetooth Smart is required, which currently applies to iPhone 4S / 5, iPad 3rd generation, iPod Touch Generation 5 and many Android devices. Click here for a full list of mobile phones that can be synchronized with Fitbit
You know trouble setting up or want, how you can extend the battery life of your Trackers, then you're in the right place - the Fitbit Help page
Memory: stores detailed data up to 7 days, but it is a regular synchronization recommended
Less detailed data will be stored over a period of 30 days
Battery life: about 5 days
MEMS 3-axis accelerometer to measure calorie burn, distance, steps and sleep
Vibrating alert for silent awakening
Water resistant, can withstand rain, but should not be worn while bathing
Package Contents:
Flex ™ Tracker
Large and small bracelet
Wireless Sync dongle for your computer (USB)
USB Charger
Free account
Free Apps for iPhone and Android
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