FLYING ALARM CLOCK. Alarm clock that shoots a propeller when ringing. Listen only to ring when the propeller is back in place. The snooze abuse rampant in most bedrooms. One should expect that ten minutes more or less do not matter, but when it comes to sleep, then be from ten minutes to make twenty times, then thirty, and anyway you look at Jack Robinson, you come to work late. 

Economists estimate that most people wasted annually up to 60 billion euros solely through the use of the snooze button! Okay, do not get it right, but sometimes you have to resort to dirty tricks to bring something unpopular as an alarm clock at the man.

Next in the text - researchers have dealt with this problem and ended up following brainstorm: Imagine an alarm clock in front who not only organized an insane wheel, but also off incredibly difficult is because you it needs a key, namely a key flying around in the area, so you have to get up only once and get it - in the form of a propeller, which - like propellers sometimes so have at it! No sooner said than done: Here he is! The worst enemy of the late risers, the Flying Alarm Clock!

Product features Flying Alarm Clock:
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 10 cm
Battery-powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included.
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