Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet
Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet. A bracelet that keeps your steps, calories, running distances and sleep phases in the eye - and you notice says that if you should get your butt up again! It's best to wear it around the clock. The battery will last for a whole year! If you just want to express it, there are just two types of fitness training: In one brings you every now and then his fat rolls in motion to soothe his guilty conscience and to at Instagram upload a sporting photo of himself can, in order to subsequently five kilos of sweets to stuff in your mouth. And then there is the other type of fitness that is integrated into their daily lives - and really what brings.

The clear, simple is not perhaps. Sometimes you have to overcome Real's weaker. And helps Garmin Vivofit Fitness bracelet. That you wear day and night with you, at the wrist, and after a short time it knows how many steps you doing so average day. Then it sets you a goal that is a bit higher, and every time you increase your activity level, it increases turn the target.

In this way you overcome your weaker self is slowly but surely to a more active lifestyle. And even if you have a job where you sit a lot, Garmin Vivofit can help you. Once you have been sitting for so long that the fat-burning enzymes become sluggish in your body, you your health bracelet notify warningly with hellish red bar. Then you stretch just a few minutes, the legs, and even Garmin Vivofit pleased again - and you're equal with, we promise you.

Of course, there are other functions for measuring running distances, time, calories, sleep hours - and all this, you can upload it to simple push of a button on the Garmin Connect service, which converts all data into pretty stats. Garmin Fitness Vivofit bracelet is plus waterproof and can be worn around the clock. Since it is only good that the battery will last one year.

Product features Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet:
Fitness bracelet that goes with you day and night and makes sure that you come in motion and stay!
Dimensions device: 21 x 10.5 mm
Dimensions bracelet 120 to 175 mm (Small), 152 up to 210 mm (Large)
Weight: 25 grams
Battery life: one year
Operation with 2 button cell batteries CR1632 (can be exchanged easily and are included)
Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters
Is synchronized via Bluetooth with your smart phone or USB dongle to your computer. The data are sent to your personal profile at Garmin Connect (via browser and a free app for iOS and Android available)
Storage between two synchronizations: one month in use around the clock
On the display you can switch easily between the number of steps to change the steps to reach the daily goal, the distance, calories and time
Scope of supply:
Vivofit with two bracelets: Small and Large + Batteries
USB stick for wireless connection to your computer
Quick-Start Guide
Hobbies: most also equal Garmin Vivofit Fitness Bracelet + Heart Rate Monitor and Garmin Vivofit replacement bracelets on.
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