Healthy Insurance Care

Healthy Insurance Care

Healthy Insurance Care
GARBAGE NEWS. In addition to the health insurance of any statutory health insurance pays a monthly also in the long-term care, the jump in long-term care and support those affected financially or with technical aids.

Healthy Insurance Long-term care
Not everyone is lucky enough to still be fit and agile aged. Some retirees have to resort to long-term care services. Anyone who paid his monthly insurance premiums to the insurance company will pay, at the same time always a contribution to long-term care. The amounts are often added together, the money goes but in different pots.

Your health insurance company, many people quite often claim that long-term care tends to be rare to fruition. It often happens just before the age that must be made to the long-term care and how services are available, each is also not clear.

When does the long-term care?
So the long-term care, for example, pays not always immediately when someone is in need of care. One insurance benefits go always only one application position and an assessment of the situation in advance, will be based on which then decided whether benefits are paid out. Basically, the care insurance makes any financial support, they really needed. The prerequisite for being a member of the statutory health insurance. Who is privately insured must also take out private insurance.

Who is entitled to maintenance services
To obtain care services, either the patient himself or an authorized person must apply for the benefits. This works via an application form, which is checked by the insurance first. Entitlement to benefits have people who need care because of disabilities or illnesses. The claim has to consist at least six months (except, the expected life span is shorter) and are located in areas of everyday life such as personal hygiene, nutrition or mobility.

The medical service checks the neediness
Following the application of the Medical Service (MDK) comes to the dependent person home and assess the situation on the ground. Here, the MDK provides a picture of the everyday processes, measured times that are required for various actions and assesses the status of the dependent person. Only chores that recur every day, are recognized by the MDK. For MDK usually include nurses and physicians, who can assess the situation well.

Following the visit to the MDK writes an opinion and decide whether the care is sufficient to take out insurance claim. If the decision is negative, contrast, contradiction can be inserted. Applicants should be prepared for the visit of the MDK to convey an authentic impression of the possible person being cared for. What may help to explain the time needed for daily care services, is a nursing diary. In this book, each performing meticulous is registered and summed at the end.

What is the contribution to long-term care?
In 2015, is the nation-wide contributions to nursing care a monthly 2.35% and 2.6% for those without children. Care insurance benefits often cover not all costs from arising from a long-term care. Long term care insurance ensures the basic performance by providing financial support, contributions in kind or by household assistance. Who is cared for at home by relatives, receive a care allowance, according to a maintenance level. If alterations in the building are due for home care, the care of the costs involved - as well as in health care products, which are necessary for better care of relatives.
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