Homemade Chocolate Relaxing

Homemade Chocolate Relaxing

Homemade Chocolate Relaxing
GARBAGE NEWS. Wellness for the taste buds. More and more people put food and beverages targeted to relax. A homemade cocoa combines not only their own favorite ingredients, but also increases targeted wellbeing. Determined by the ensuing two cocoa mixtures also get you inspired for your own Do It Yourself cocoa.

Homemade chocolate to relax
Spiced Cocoa
Capturing the flavor of Christmas in a cup of cocoa succeed easy with the right spices. This homemade cocoa succeed suffice for this recipe
unsweetened cocoa powder
fine raw cane sugar
Vanilla sugar and
Gingerbread spices.

First, 200g of cocoa powder with 200g cane sugar and 2 tablespoons vanilla sugar are mixed. When this mixture is ready, the gingerbread spices are added according to taste. The resulting cocoa mixture can then be filled into jars and taken for example to work or given away as a gift.

Discover the beneficial effects of cocoa spice
The mixture of aromatic vanilla and gingerbread spices is simply inseparable from the pre-Christmas period. Homemade chocolate with spices is the ideal mixture for the whole family. From toddlers to grandparents rise here with the flavors on memories of last Christmas and look forward to the upcoming festive season in the company of loved ones. With fresh milk boiled relaxation begins with the preparation. Regardless of whether it already early afternoon is dark outside or zero temperatures prevail enjoy a relaxing retreat from demanding everyday.

In proving spice cocoa flavor
This spice cocoa is the motto of experimentation and trial and error. Whether anise, cardamom or cloves many spices go with cocoa a harmonious connection. For that special something and Chili can the sense of taste put a little sharpness kick.

Exotic Coconut Cocoa
Homemade chocolate with milk prepared is almost like an unwritten law. But no one says that this milk must inevitably come from the cow. With coconut milk boiled produced a cocoa which could hardly taste better also at an exotic beach. 

All you need for:
Cocoa powder
Coconut milk
Milk and
Coconut syrup.
Bring some 200 ml of milk and the same amount of coconut milk in a pot to boil. In a small bowl, about 5 tsp cocoa powder and 5 tsp coconut syrup mix and mingle with the hot milk. Finish is a piece of South Seas for the cup.

Short break for the body and the soul
Close your eyes, breathe calmly and see with every sip before the inner eye roll the waves of an exotic holiday destination in itself. The exotic coconut fragrance simply invites you to dream and sends the mind on a relaxing getaway. In addition, when it becomes easily refine and additional extras such as desiccated coconut, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows all to their own taste homemade chocolate with coconut.

Holiday mood for the whole family
The perfect appetizer for the next holiday or a comforter for the yearning for the big holiday love. With coconut cocoa everyone grabs, regardless of age for a moment the wanderlust and the desire for adventure.
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