How to take card payments online

How to take card payments online

How to take card payments online
"You still owe me 10 euros!" "Unfortunately Sorry this got no cash." "Do you have your debit card here? Then you can also pay for that. "Anyone who thinks at this point now, "How is this supposed to go ?!", today's blog post which was warmly recommended, because the company iZettle from Sweden makes the possibility of card payment now also available to private individuals.

How to take card payments online
While we now transfer money to largely digital, saw the whole thing 10 years ago quite different - because at that time was "Cash is king". But how to work all you ask yourself surely and the question is easy to answer: With a card terminal and associated app for your smartphone or tablet.

So off we go to the terminal of iZettle: this you get in two versions, one with the "signature method" and even enter a PIN with the possibility. The latter provides a higher level of security and makes even your "customers" trust higher. The terminal will cost 79 euros in the simple approach 25 euros and the PIN version.

The device, in the rest of the version without PIN function, came a few days ago with me and sat up easily using the included 10 Euro voucher. Registration requires only a few minutes and involves basically only the account at iZettle with your contact information (name, address, telephone) as well as your bank account - somewhere to the money so go in the end.

How to take card payments online
All furnishings, downloaded app, plugged device (via the headphone jack) and off we went. The first payment on a trial basis once performed with the card my sister - all handled ruck twitch without problems and within a few minutes. Amount (at least 1 Euro) and optionally enter use, insert card, signed and even the fictitious purchase has been completed. Finally it can be sent by mail to the customer or printed out on a printer set up AirPrint on request the bill.

When paying you the option to manually scan the card via the chip or via magnetic stripe. Disadvantage: If you want to process a payment with a VISA card, will be after the insertion of the card and information on the mobile number of the customer sends a text message containing a link that he must trigger the payment manually. In addition, you should make sure that the battery is in the iZettle device has sufficient energy.

Shopkeepers, for the iZettle terminal is actually thought about the app can also have their range including photos, etc. Add all the same on the app to fill the cart of the customer. About the website of iZettle can see all transactions and possibly back to book the rest.

How to take card payments online
But iZettle makes the whole not for fun and wants of course abhaben also a piece of the cake. For this reason, the company is (based in Stockholm), a fee of 0.95 percent for debit cards (Maestro Support) and for all other 2.75 percent for all other cards. This made the first transaction on 8 Euro so 22 cents profit for iZettle. Thanks to the voucher I can cope with that but is this but eventually exhausted one must already think about whether you want to take out this convenience fee to be.

So now I have carried out my first purchase, but now where's my money? Again iZettle sets once preventively against fraud and requires the verification of the bank account using a SEPA credit transfer on 1 Euro. This has worked for me within 24 hours (!) And thus also this hurdle had been cleared. The money the fictitious transaction was referred to me within 5 business days. When you get the money remitted by iZettle but depends on the type, as you performed the card payment, from.

iZettle indicates the following conditions:
All payments made by card and signature: 1000 Euros within 4-5 days, the rest in 1000 steps
With magnetic stripe 25 Euro within 4-5 days, and the rest within 10 days.
With card and PIN: Private: 1000 Euro - for business customers: 25,000 euros and the rest as in the signature

All in all, I like iZettle very good. The system works without problems and convinced by the certified card reader and the mandatory function, that the place of payment is recorded at each transaction. In addition, the invoice is digitally easily accessible and contains not only the place and the signature.

The fee and the fact that you can as an individual to take a payment contrary met with my transactions so far unfortunately only criticism and sometimes even to the extent of aversion that the people had no confidence in the unit. My mother for instance would not give their card for a payment. Even the people whom I have erzhält of the Gert, thought nothing of it and were skeptical of the security and encryption.

So, you have a bit of convincing to do his "business partners" to get them to move their debit card for a transaction with iZettle. Of course there will always be skeptics who will continue to refuse to make a payment but there is always. Furthermore, one must consider whether the fee is a convenience so much value.
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